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Kodak Excels with Automated Treasury Reporting

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Prior to adopting and implementing Kyriba globally, the teams at Kodak were unable to provide senior leadership with a snapshot of their daily global cash balances. Simply looking at the bank balances did not provide Kodak with insight into marketable securities and other pertinent information.

The CFO, Treasurer and other senior leaders needed a snapshot of the organization’s global daily cash position. For years, the team created multiple reports – a time-consuming, manual task. Already leveraging numerous Kyriba modules, the team was excited when the Excel Report Template in Kyriba became available.

“I’ve worked with a lot of other treasury management systems and it doesn’t get any more dynamic than Kyriba.”

— Dan Marangola, Assistant Treasurer at Eastman Kodak Company

The Power of Automated Treasury Reporting

Kodak’s CEO and CFO are heavily focused on improving overall efficiency, standardization and speed. The Excel Report Template in Kyriba has delivered all three – allowing the treasury team at Kodak to save 20-30 minutes per day to focus on other, more important initiatives.

“Tasks that we can automate, like this daily global cash position report, are direct, tangible improvements that help to reinforce what our CFO and CEO have been preaching.”

— Dan Marangola, Assistant Treasurer at Eastman Kodak Company

The Efficiency and Insight Unlocked by Kyriba’s TMS Platform

Committed to streamlining operations, the Kodak team implemented various Kyriba modules. Each region uses the platform at varying levels, based on experience. The automated treasury reporting functionality is the newest addition to the Kodak treasury system arsenal, and it has allowed them to streamline their financial reporting capabilities.

According to Marangola, “Kyriba allows for multiple configuration options that help make it absolutely easy and intuitive for users with varying levels of experience.”