Fact Sheet

Kyriba Payments Network for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Kyriba Payments Network accelerates Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance payments and bank connectivity projects, eliminating project risk and drastically reducing connectivity costs. Kyriba centralizes payment activity, fully manages bank connectivity and delivers superior fraud detection and visibility to de-risk Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance payment projects.

CIOs increasingly report that new fraud prevention safeguards, generating XML ISO20022 payment format variations, building to new bank APIs and updated SWIFT gpi standards are causing significant project delays and cost overruns. Kyriba can help.

Pre-built Bank Connectivity
Kyriba supports more than 45,000 bank payment scenarios for more than 1,000 banks. Connectivity options include SWIFTNet through Alliance Lite2 and Kyriba’s SWIFT Service Bureau, APIs, FTP, EBICS, BACS, Editran, CBI, Zengin and other regional protocols such as faster payments, direct debits, BACS direct debits and credits, and CHAPS. With the widest range of pre-built connectivity, Kyriba will connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to any bank, for any format, in any country, and manage future connectivity and format changes while monitoring connectivity performance 24/7.

Protect Against Payments Fraud
88 percent of CFOs and treasury teams report internal and external attacks on their payment workflows. Kyriba Payments Network digitizes payment workflows, standardizing payment controls to comply with internal payment policies, approval procedures and limits so that only authorized payments are executed. Real-time fraud detection screens payments against government sanction lists, corporate payment policies and historical data patterns to automatically quarantine suspicious and non-compliant payments for threat assessment.

Digital Payments Transformation
Standardizing digital payments transformation broadens visibility and straight-through payment processing. With a user-driven interface and workflow for payments initiated outside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, along with smart payment building features, Kyriba’s Payment Hub extends security and controls for manual payments. Digital audit trails and system documented controls ensure all payment workflows are standardized with centralized visibility and control.