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Public Sector: Treasury Management & Bank Connectivity Solutions

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Treasury and Payment Management for Government Agencies

Kyriba empowers government agencies to achieve 100% daily cash visibility, accurate and flexible cash forecasting, debt & investment management, business intelligence, fully-managed bank connectivity, and fraud detection through our cloud-based cybersecurity and financial software solution.

“We saw massive attempts of attempted fraud – organizations trying to sell items they didn’t have. Technology is extremely critical in this environment.“

Bruno Fernandes, Deputy CFO & Treasurer,
Government of District of Columbia


Kyriba is trusted by government agencies at the Federal, State, and Local level, providing a safe and secure tool to protect and save cash when it matters more than ever.

How can we help you?

  • Provide Accurate Budgetary Forecasts. Kyriba offers flexible, real-time cash forecasting with visual reporting for senior leadership.
  • Save up to 80% in Cost and Time for bank file and payment connectivity projects; typically part of financial transformation projects.
  • Investment & Debt Management through our fully integrated solution, enabling deal capture, reporting, and financial accounting to your GL.
  • Protect Millions in Cash. Prevent fraudulent payments from being sent out through our secure and AI-based Fraud Detection solution.
  • Business Continuity. Kyriba’s cloud-based solution provides business continuity to ensure cash management, and associated investment and debt activity can continue, no matter the crisis.
Kyriba empowers government agencies to optimize cash and liquidity, reduce operational risk and support budget saving initiatives.


Security and Compliance

Kyriba’s solutions are unmatched from a security and compliance perspective, including hosting in a Government Cloud instance, SOC 1 and 2 compliance, disaster-recovery protocols, and in-process FedRamp certification.

Key Benefits

Kyriba empowers government agencies to optimize cash and liquidity, reduce operational risk and support budget saving initiatives. Benefits include:

100% Cash Visibility
Kyriba delivers automated bank reporting across all bank accounts, driving 100% cash visibility and enabling transparency of bank data into your ERP system.

Cash Forecasting
Kyriba enables more sophisticated cash forecasting, while simplifying the aggregation of forecast data across systems and agencies. Kyriba also provides detailed forecast variance analysis and forecasting business intelligence, ensuring that forecasts are accurate and can be confidently relied upon to improve investment returns.