Cachematrix™ by BlackRock for Kyriba: Simplifying cash investing for corporate treasurers

Today’s corporate treasurer has many tools available to help them achieve more with less. Too often, however, these tools remain disconnected; leaving digital flows dependent upon manual effort. Introducing Cachematrix™ by BlackRock available for Kyriba users, which combines the computing capabilities of Kyriba’s treasury management system with the resources of Cachematrix’s robust technology-powered investment platform. Together, these two powerful systems seek to bring the convenience, accuracy and efficiency today’s treasurers demand to their fingertips.

Benefits of a digitized workflow
Leveraging the Kyriba Cloud, Cachematrix by BlackRock seeks to provide the industry’s first single sign-on solution that helps digitize an investment workflow. Cachematrix by BlackRock is designed to provide cash investment opportunities and increase operational efficiencies for direct investment into a variety of money market funds.

Simplified investment processes
Seeks to enhance the user experience by simplifying the trade flow through a suite of investment functionality, including:
• Access to a breadth of money market funds*
• The ability to place individual or batch trade orders

Mitigated operational risk
Data automatically synced between systems helps reduce risk of manual or user error. User permissioning tools provide additional operational oversight.

Visibility and reporting
Kyriba users are already provided real-time visibility and reporting of their cash portfolio and global cash positions. This new integrated solution also allows for the synchronization of trade order data with money market fund positions for accounting purposes.

Expanded research and analysis capabilities
Cachematrix by BlackRock offers Kyriba users access to Cachematrix’s powerful and dynamic research and analysis capabilities for detailed assessment of MMF holdings.

Single sign-on access
Kyriba users will utilize the Kyriba single sign-on process for enhanced security, automation, and a consistent user experience.

Enter the Cachematrix by BlackRock platform
Click on the Cachematrix by BlackRock tile from within the menu map and you will leave Kyriba and enter Cachematrix by BlackRock. Once inside Cachematrix by BlackRock, your money market funds are automatically updated and viewable in your Dashboard.

* The availability of MMFs to submit trade orders is dependent on the user establishing an account directly with the fund provider or the fund’s transfer agent

Cachematrix by BlackRock

Conduct research
Using Fund Comparison, Fund Analysis and Portfolio Builder, users can identify investment opportunities that suit their unique preferences, risk tolerances and parameters

More Dashboard Views

Select investments and submit trade orders
User-dictated permissioning will determine trader risk controls. Direct connectivity to fund transfer agents and administrators make this effort seamless.

Review cash portfolios balances
After trades are confirmed, all money market investments made on Cachematrix by BlackRock are fully integrated into Kyriba to help ensure users have complete visibility of their cash and liquidity positions inclusive of money market investments traded through the platform.

* The availability of MMFs to submit trade orders is dependent on the user establishing an account directly with the fund provider or the fund’s transfer agent

Ready to join the next phase of the digital revolution?

If you are already a Kyriba client:
Contact your Account Manager for more information. Prior to executing a purchase or redemption on Cachematrix by BlackRock, you will need to set up, or confirm, accounts directly with each available money market fund family you intend to utilize.

If you are not already a Kyriba client:
Contact [email protected] to learn more about this innovative solution.

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