Climate Action

Purpose-aligned commitments and bold actions are the only way forward to make change happen.
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Climate change is the greatest threat facing society today, and the need to act grows more urgent every day. As a global business supporting more than 2,000 brands around the world, we believe we have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to make a real difference. At Kyriba, we work to make our business more environmentally sustainable, while leveraging our resources to help our employees and customers minimize their own environmental footprints.

Our Pledge

We pledge to continue our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by enacting global policies and business practices that support our goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

Wind Turbines at Sunset, Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Our Commitment

We strive to not only maintain our inherently low environmental impact, but to proactively advance our sustainability efforts by annually measuring, reporting, and refining our strategies around energy utilization, carbon neutrality, electrical consumption, and business travel emissions.

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Our Climate Action Initiatives

In line with Kyriba’s founding values, we believe that technology and innovation can help avert the world’s climate crisis and accelerate the change to a low-carbon economy. Leveraging these resources, we have identified key initiatives to drive our Climate Action program:
  • Energy Utilization

    Continually tracking, evaluating, and reducing our energy consumption, and investing in carbon credits to help offset and fund strategic projects with high environmental and social benefits.

  • Real Estate Footprint & Business Travel

    Our remote work environments, virtual meeting formats, and limited business travels help us maintain a small real estate footprint and minimal carbon emissions.

  • Equipment and E-waste

    Through strategic partnerships, we actively donate used equipment to be repurposed for schools and non-profit organizations, diverting e-waste from landfills while supporting the advancement of our communities.

  • Sustainability Practices

    Across all Kyriba locations, we’ve instituted Green policies related to recycling and reducing waste in the workplace, while providing our employees with sustainably-focused resources while working remotely from home.

  • Car Fleet

    We’ve invested into a fleet of employee-operated hybrid vehicles to ensure that CO2 emissions do not exceed 130g in 2022, reduced to 125g in 2023.

Alpine meadows and wind power

Our Carbon Neutral Strategy

Leveraging Navex software, our multi-pronged strategy towards carbon neutrality is designed to establish our baseline carbon volume on a monthly basis, with a committed sustainability team responsible for monitoring our position and identifying the resources necessary for carbon neutrality. But reducing our emissions internally is only the first step, amplified by supporting organizations focused on reforestation, partnering with carbon neutral implementation services, engaging our employees in our progress, and embedding our carbon neutrality campaign into the Kyriba culture.