Rainforest lakes in the shape of world continents. Environmentally friendly sustainable development concept. 3D illustration.

Kyriba for Community

Improving the communities in which we live and work, mitigating negative climate impacts, and empowering a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable supplier network.
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Community Impact
We recognize our responsibility to help protect the planet, and are striving to add societal and environmental value in everything we do. By focusing on enhancing our supplier diversity, advancing our carbon reduction strategies, and integrating philanthropy into our initiatives, we are committed to building a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Supplier Sustainability

Our strong Kyriba values drive everything we do - and our Supplier Sustainability program is no exception. Each of Kyriba’s core values are important pillars in the foundation of our Supplier Sustainability program, designed to create an inclusive ecosystem that benefits all parties, encompasses our commitment to diversifying our supplier base, and empowers small businesses for the betterment of our community.

Aerial view of misty rainforest lakes in shape of world continents in dense jungle vegetation in beautiful late evening light. 3d rendering
Large areas of wind power in the mountains

Climate Action

Climate change is the greatest threat facing society today, and we believe we have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to make a real difference. Our inherently low environmental impact does not stop us from seeking ways to be more sustainable in our business practices. We’re committed to making our business more sustainable, helping our employees and customers minimize their own environmental footprints, and annually refining our Greenhouse Gas Emissions strategies in support of our goal towards carbon neutrality.


Giving back has long been core to our company’s culture, and we remain committed to investing in our communities with a global giving strategy that supports ESG-aligned organizations, incrementally invests in employee giving campaigns, and actively encourages employees to dedicate their time and talent through an internally-integrated giving platform. As part of this, in 2021 we launched our “Kyriba Cares” program for corporate giving and volunteerism, designed to help our employees, and our business, make a greater impact in the world.

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