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Philanthropy is in our DNA.
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Giving back has long been core to the Kyriba culture, rooted in the belief that investing in our communities is vital to the success and well-being of both our company and our employees. As part of this, in 2021 we launched our “Kyriba Cares” program for corporate giving and volunteerism, designed to help our employees, and our business, make a greater impact in the world.

Through “Kyriba Cares”, we provide employees with abundant opportunities to contribute their time, talent, and resources in support of issues they care about, including charitable giving campaigns, volunteer initiatives, and humanitarian appeals both locally and around the world. But we know that we have a role to play as well, which is why the program also includes dollar-for-dollar employee donation matching and corporate investments into organizations aligned with our global giving strategy and ESG priorities.

Our Pledge

We pledge to create a philanthropic environment that effectively increases employee engagement, instills company pride, and enables corporate giving and volunteerism through an integrated and interactive SaaS platform.

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Our Commitment

As part of our “Kyriba Cares” program, in 2022 we committed to raising a minimum of $20,000 in total charitable donations, with the expectation of annually increasing that amount by 25% through 2025. Additionally, we are committed to sponsoring a minimum of two charitable events each year, while providing our employees with ample opportunities to give back through a minimum of 1,000 collective volunteer hours each year.

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Our Philanthropic Initiatives

  • Year-End/Ad Hoc Giving Campaigns

    Since 2020, we’ve facilitated annual year-end giving campaigns designed to strategically support significant causes through dollar-for-dollar company matches on all Kyriba donations. Additional ad-hoc giving campaigns are also provided in response to natural disasters and global humanitarian events.

  • Giving & Doing Platform

    To support the launch of “Kyriba Cares”, we implemented an interactive platform that allows employees to easily contribute to giving campaigns, search for virtual and in-person volunteering opportunities, and participate in positive action challenges.