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Supplier Sustainability

Leading Supplier Sustainability with Kyriba’s Values.
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Our strong Kyriba values drive everything we do - and our Supplier Sustainability program is no exception. Each one of our five core values are important pillars in the foundation of our Supplier Sustainability program, creating better alignment between suppliers while improving our overall supplier diversity and collective sustainability efforts.

Our Pledge

We are dedicated to inclusivity amongst our suppliers, with a pledge to empowering small, diverse, minority-owned, and disadvantaged businesses and providing resources for sustainability governance addressing climate concerns and environmental outputs.

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Our Commitment

As Kyriba continues to grow, so do our expectations for ourselves. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to:

  • Invest $4 million into small, minority-owned, and disadvantaged businesses by the year 2024.
  • Increase our investment to $10 million by the year 2027.
  • Contribute more than $20,000 each year to nonprofit organizations supporting these businesses.

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Our Supplier Sustainability Initiatives

Four key initiatives form the basis of our Supplier Sustainability program and underscore our ambitious commitments:
  • Supplier ESG Questionnaire

    To help promote and facilitate the use of diverse and inclusive suppliers, we’ve implemented a targeted questionnaire for all current and prospective Kyriba suppliers, used to collect and assess their ESG baselines, identify opportunities, and establish commitments.

  • Procurement Policies

    We recently revised our procurement policy to include provisions relating to Supplier Sustainability, documenting programs, outlining expectations, and establishing action plans for suppliers procured by Kyriba.

  • Supplier Portal

    To further extend our internal value to clients, we’ve incorporated our commercial platform, Kyriba’s Supply Chain Finance Tool, into a Supplier Portal to process and store specific Supplier information.

  • Memberships, Tools, and Data

    Strategic memberships and sponsorships designed to help grow our network, gather data, and promote supplier sustainability in support of our commitments, helping to source diverse suppliers and promote our initiatives through cross-branding, resources, and networking.