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Kyriba Enterprise Connectivity

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Kyriba Delivers Quick and Easy Connectivity and Integration for Your Systems

Kyriba’s in-house, leading Enterprise Connectivity as a Service gives our customers a complete connectivity solution encompassing ERPs, internal financial systems, third party providers, and over 1,000 out-of-the-box, pre-configured, pre-tested connections with financial institutions across the globe. Kyriba’s solution includes application processing interfaces (APIs) delivering real-time integration, payments and reporting.

Kyriba Connects to 1,000 Banks Globally.

Connectivity Options for ERPs, Finance Systems, and Your Banks

Bank Connectivity

  • Open API
  • Direct bank (FTP) connections
  • SWIFT Connectivity (gpi compliant)
  • Extensive coverage of networks (ACH, Fedwire, EBICS, BACs, EDITRAN)
  • SWIFT Service Bureau
  • SWIFT Alliance Lite2
  • Statement Concentrator
  • Regional and Country Protocols
  • Bank Format Transformation

Enterprise Connectivity

  • Fast, ready, connectivity for SAP, S/4HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Workday, MS Dynamics, NetSuite
  • Real-time integration: cash, forecasting, payments, reporting
  • Real-time integrations for new bank reporting
  • Master data and GL synchronizations
  • Eliminates batch processing

Kyriba Enterprise Connectivity

Kyriba Connectivity

We give organizations of all sizes global connectivity potential through leading API and direct connections across your banks, internal systems and 3rd parties.

Kyriba Enterprise Connectivity

Open API Connectivity

Kyriba’s Open API hub enables treasury, finance and IT teams to transform the way they access and consume information. With its API-first approach, Kyriba is building a marketplace of real-time connections to apps, data, and new products and services that inject data-driven decision-making into every financial operation.

Kyriba has extended its APIs to cover all key workflows required by customers, such as reference data management, payments, liquidity, and supply chain financing to offer full accessibility and a great experience for our customers and development partners.

SWIFT Connectivity

SWIFT is the gold standard when it comes to connecting to banks globally. Kyriba offers multiple SWIFT connectivity options:

  • SWIFT Service Bureau offers clients their own SWIFT BIC, which includes SWIFT membership and enables unlimited volumes of payments and statements.
  • SWIFT Alliance Lite2 has all the advantages of the Service Bureau but at a lower cost for those with reduced payment volume needs.
  • Kyriba’s MT Concentrator service allows organizations to utilize a SWIFT BIC11 specifically provisioned for Kyriba clients, without the requirement (or cost) of becoming a SWIFT member.

ERP Connectivity

Kyriba provides critical connectivity for corporations to their internal ERP systems with connectivity to all major ERPs, including SAP, S/4HANA, Workday, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as others. Our certified connectors accelerate implementations, while also reducing IT costs. Our connectivity to ERPs uses APIs, where possible, to access data in real time and return automatically as soon as ready, avoiding the need for IT to generate files.