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Partnership Brief: Kyriba SAP Integration

Unleash the Power of Liquidity Management with SAP and Kyriba

Why SAP Certification Matters to You and to Kyriba
Kyriba’s certified SAP partnership status is a natural evolution of the long-standing relationship between two technology leaders, connecting SAP’s existing ERP solutions with Kyriba’s cloud-native Active Liquidity Network and harnessing the power of both organizations.

The partnership, which has already seen Kyriba work on over 1,000 customers’ SAP integrations in the past 20 years, has been certified by SAP since October 2020 to cover development work with both SAP’s S/4HANA and ECC solutions. That integration work can now be enhanced through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used to connect Kyriba and other systems supporting your key Finance functions. Kyriba’s APIs, developed within our own SAP-allocated development area, provide a further secure area enabling the build of additional integrations, while maintaining the integrity of existing SAP solutions. This means our API ecosystem can accommodate integrations between SAP and Kyriba for a variety of business or finance applications to include general ledger integration, bank connectivity, trading or investment platforms, financial supply chain as well as market data providers.

These resources, coupled with the flexibility and immediacy of cloud-based platform technology, deliver automation to reduce costs, remove error-prone manual interventions and increase security to combat fraud and cybersecurity concerns.

Unparalleled Connectivity
The cloud-based nature of both technologies means businesses can also leverage SAP’s Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to simplify the secure connection of third-party software and provide ready access to Kyriba’s proven and unparalleled bank connectivity network.

Given Kyriba’s history of SAP integrations, we make it straight-forward for your IT team to efficiently send or receive data between your SAP on-premise or cloud-based system and Kyriba. We further simplify that process using interfaces that support APIs and secure file transfer protocols (SFTP) to provide the parameters to construct electronic file extracts, allowing the management of subsequent mapping.

One example is the consolidation of payments in a single path to your partner banks, through Kyriba’s transformation engine. This uses format catalogs and templates to cover the requirements of your banks specific payment types, clearing system formats and field requirements. The all-payment file can then be submitted to your banks, with confirmation automatically and seamlessly delivered back to the sending system. The consolidation of payments and logically batching your payments adds value to your overall financial supply chain.

Benefits of Certification

Automated Integration
The integration between SAP and Kyriba allows clients to execute, approve, transmit and monitor all types of payments or collections files using Kyriba Solutions integrated with SAP, which covers the entire payments and collections life cycle. The integration uses standardized payment file formats. But through our catalogs of bank and regional formats, Kyriba provides for proprietary or custom formatting for relevant fields when needed.

In order to maintain security and data integrity, all vendor and customer details are only managed in SAP. The payee details are considered as a “one-time” third party in Kyriba, so details are not stored outside of the individual payments.

This also means that invoices and receipts are created in SAP following the standard Payables and Receivables processes. SAP’s integration platform CPI transmits payment files to Kyriba DataHub (DH) using a REST API. Files are retrieved by the Kyriba Application and integrated into the Payment Module following the standard process. The set up in Module Data Exchange enables mapping flexibility.

A critical advantage from our certified partnership is the allocation of a dedicated “Namespace,” which is a globally reserved area where Kyriba can develop enhancements to SAP and deploy its ABAP-led (SAP’s own main programming language) solution, avoiding conflict with existing SAP programs.

SAP-Kyriba Integrated Architecture Payments–CPI Model

Integrated Payments Model