Kyriba for Midsize Companies

Kyriba for Midsize Companies is a scalable solution for companies looking to eliminate their manual and errorprone spreadsheet-based cash management program and replace it with an automated, easy-to-use system. With a cost-controlled approach and easy go live, Kyriba for Midsize Companies’ cash and liquidity management capabilities can be up and running quickly, giving more time back to your team for value-add initiatives.


Answering fundamental questions about the organization’s cash position, such as location, currency and liquidity position, can be a seemingly monumental task. It can require multiple employees to spend many hours using disparate tools and data sources. Having clarity and visibility into the organization’s cash is a fundamental and vital requirement for any treasury department to support critical financial decisions and strategic business objectives.

Kyriba cash and liquidity management module provides that visibility. Kyriba is recognized as the market-leading global cash management solution, providing comprehensive capabilities in an intuitive and easy-to-use solution. Kyriba delivers timely and accurate global cash visibility, across all banks, in all regions, and enables treasury teams to create accurate forecasts that deliver confidence throughout the organization.

Kyriba’s cash and liquidity management benefits organizations by allowing treasury departments to spend more time on value-add tasks, and supporting strategic decision making, rather than spending countless hours on less valuable activities.


For midsize companies, Kyriba’s cash management and forecasting capabilities automate the preparation and reconciliation of the organization’s daily cash position before the business day begins. Starting with the cash position worksheet, Kyriba’s clients have a powerful and intuitive way to visualize cash positions through the combination of bank balances and transactions with expected cash flows. This ensures that clients always have up-to-date and realtime insights into positions across banks, accounts, entities and regions.

With an accurate and up-to-date cash position as the starting point, clients can use Kyriba’s cash forecasting capabilities to build and analyze global cash forecasts by day, week, month or year by leveraging multiple sources of data, including repetitive items, import of ERP data, integration with other Kyriba modules, and extrapolation of historical data. The use of powerful cash forecasting analytics allows organizations to compare forecasts to actuals for any horizon to help improve forecast accuracy.


  • Dynamic Reporting
    Personalized cash position worksheets and period-based views provide the summary of balances and their evolution over time, while the daily view provides a categorized summary of the actual and forecasted cash movements of the day.
  • Global Positioning
    Cash position can be viewed by region and/or by currency. Foreign currencies can be viewed based upon exchange rates or positions can be viewed in their native currency.
  • Liquidity
    Analyze total liquidity by incorporating desired investment and credit data from the Debt and Investment modules. A dedicated liquidity report aggregates and sums data.
  • Multi-Entity
    View position by the individual entity or analyze corporate-wide cash position configurable to each client’s requirements. Full drill-down allows viewing the summary as well as supporting detail.
  • Seamless Integration
    The cash position is updated continuously in real-time, so any changes made to a forecast – including from other Kyriba modules – will be automatically available on a client’s worksheet(s).
  • Target Balances
    Cash pooling allows target balances to be set in a hierarchical manner, ensuring that recommended funding and drawdowns are predicted, and can automatically occur in combination with the Kyriba Payments solution.