Kyriba Payments Network

Kyriba offers a global pre-connected, multi-bank payments network delivering accelerated payments, bank and ERP connectivity projects, mitigating fraud risk and increasing flexibility and agility for organizations of all sizes. The Kyriba Payments Network centralizes payment activity within one Payments Hub, automating unnecessary tasks, enhancing controls through superior fraud detection and error handling, while giving customers visibility to a complete status cockpit.

Kyriba Payments Network delivers our customers an enterprise-wide payment hub and the ability to centralize payment workflows. While maintaining control of cash movements in and out of the organization, the Kyriba Payments Network provides CFOs and their teams with established connectivity to the widest network of global banks, and the ability to manage payments between multiple internal systems such as ERP, Payroll, and Treasury.

Kyriba Payments Network is part of an Enterprise Liquidity platform, delivering to our customers a solution with leading practices in centralizing payments workflows, reducing the risk of fraud, holistic payments governance, and optimizing the management of liquidity.

Kyriba Payments Network

Kyriba offers pre-configured connections to your banks and can consolidate payments across your enterprise using leading, flexible and scalable technology solutions. In addition to our global capabilities with long-proven FTP and SWIFT connectivity, Kyriba offers our Open API Platform which acts as a conduit between disparate teams and systems, allowing for real-time data and services across all key workflows. The Open API Platform gives organizations access to new products and services that are accessible through Kyriba’s Developer Portal, which connects FinTech developers to Kyriba’s 2,000+ global corporate clients who have integrated Kyriba into their treasury processes, enterprise payments systems, and ERP platforms.

Kyriba also offers standardized payment controls with complete security and separation of duties, alongside real-time payments fraud prevention, compliance and anomaly detection, and sanctions list payment screening.