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DTOne Employs a Kyriba Solution to Underpin and Automate Processes

By Kyriba

Headquartered in Singapore, DTOne operates a global network for mobile top-up solutions and innovative mobile rewards.

The company is able to help over five billion people across emerging economies with greater access to digital communications, stay better connected and as a result, participate more actively in the global economy. DT One’s global network interconnects more than 550 mobile operators across 160 countries and delivers smarter data-driven mobile solutions to ensure that no one is left unconnected.

Historically, DTOne’s treasury function was fully dependent on manual processes which led to operational inefficiencies and error-prone data. Using spreadsheets for daily cash management and forecasting produced limited visibility of DTOne’s daily cash position, so CFO Dan Gardner took the decision to deploy a technology solution to underpin and automate these processes.

In conducting an extensive market review, Dan sought a solution to enhance cash visibility and control of its large and liquid balance sheet for greater cash forecasting confidence. With 40 banking partners and over 150 bank accounts globally, Dan also wanted a solution to accommodate bank account management and in-house banking capabilities. After evaluating a number of TMS providers, he selected Kyriba as a modern, flexible and customisable platform which ticked all the boxes. A cloud-based solution since inception, Kyriba’s ability to seamlessly and fully integrate with DTOne’s existing Oracle ERP was also a defined prerequisite. ‘Digital is very much in our DNA,’ says Dan. ‘We are already very cloud-enabled; every network operator that we deal with is connected through an API and we have a huge stream of real-time transactions being pushed through our global network. Last year we did over 70 million transactions, so not having a cloud-based treasury solution really wasn’t an option.’

Thanks to Kyriba’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, DTOne’s treasury team is now able to access the company’s consolidated financial reports from anywhere around the world. Having on-demand accessibility has provided company-wide cash visibility and full financial control, as well as the ability to create timely and accurate forecasts to deliver confidence throughout the organisation. Automation and modernised workflows also afforded the Dan’s team with the opportunity to undertake greater value-adding activities by boosting productivity and mitigating exposure to risk and human error. Such scalability has helped increase the team’s productivity without the need for incremental headcount. Furthermore, Kyriba’s sophisticated cash management capabilities and SWIFT integration have exceeded the company’s expectations in terms of centralising payments processing, bank reconciliation and transaction security. Streamlining such complicated processes delivers greater efficiency in controlling DTOne’s vast portfolio of treasury transactions within the Group.

Since implementing Kyriba, DTOne has benefitted from improved cash forecasting, automated reporting and centralised payments management, driving a compelling ROI and showcasing the true value of a TMS. The optimisation of treasury management on a global scale has positioned the treasury team to perform more strategic activities and unlock greater value for the overall organisation. Having established cloud-based treasury management and harnessing Kyriba’s sophisticated insights and analytics, DTOne is in a strong position to accelerate growth and strengthen business continuity.