• Melissa Di Donato
    会長兼 CEO
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    Melissa Di Donato

    Melissa Di Donato (メリッサ・ディ・ドナート) は、2023 年に Kyriba の 会長兼 CEO に就任しました。Melissa は、オープンソースのイノベーターである SUSE を経て Kyriba に参画しました。SUSE では初の女性 CEO として、2 つの戦略的な買収や、フランクフルト証券取引所での数十億ユーロでの IPO を含む前例のない成長を牽引しました。彼女の成功の経歴には、SAP、Salesforce、IBM、Oracle での上級経営職も含まれます。

    Melissa は、ポルシェ、JP モルガン・ヨーロッパ、Notion Capital、英国科学・イノベーション・技術省 (DSIT)、Handelsblatt および Bain & Company Female Allstar Board といった複数の取締役会にも参加しています。

    Melissa は、アメリカン大学の国際ビジネスの MBA とロシア語の MA を保有しています。

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  • Anthee Merichovitis
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    Anthee Merichovitis

    Anthee Merichovitis serves as Kyriba’s Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, while holding the position of Chief of Staff to the CEO. Being the backbone of the operations of the Office of the CEO, the executive team, Kyriba’s board and Bridgepoint, Anthee operates at a cross-functional level and on a global scale with the goal to deliver and execute against a 3- Year business transformation agenda focused on operational excellence and acceleration of revenues.

    Anthee brings to Kyriba a solid 12+ year track record of accelerating time-to-revenue, combining a unique operational and sales management experience, out-performing the status quo by combining a strategic perspective with disciplined implementation. She is specialising in creating and executing break-away strategies and unlocking critical scale-up challenges across the world. She has significant change management experience driving corporate transformations that set the foundation for substantial revenue growth and sustainable market value. Prior to joining Kyriba, she was leading the Global Sales Strategy for Sitecore, a leader in Content Management Software.

    Anthee holds an Executive MBA from Columbia Business School & London Business School, as well as a Bachelor in Financial Shipping.

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  • Claudia Hogan
    最高執行責任者 (COO)
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    Claudia Hogan

    Claudia Hogan (クラウディア・ホーガン) は Kyriba の最高執行責任者 (COO) であり、グローバルでの成長とオペレーションのプログラムをリードしています。

    Claudia は、世界中のテクノロジー企業で成長ストラテジストおよびマーケターとしてのキャリアを築いてきました。彼女は 20 年以上のファイナンス、マーケティング、企業開発の経験を持っています。Kyriba に参画する前は SUSE で企業開発をリードし、過去には Uber、Signal AI、マッキンゼーでのリーダーシップの役割を担っていました。

    Claudia はハーバード大学での MBA と、ブラジルの Ibmec での経済学の修士号を保有しています。

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  • Antoine Mingalon
    最高人事責任者 (CPO)
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    Antoine Mingalon

    Antoine Mingalon is Chief People Officer at Kyriba and leads the company’s global people team. As the head of human resources, Antoine provides leadership in developing global HR operations and strengthening company culture. He has more than 25 years of experience in human resources, including global talent strategy, leadership and employee development, organizational change and culture management, and employee compensation and benefits strategy. Prior to joining Kyriba, he served as Chief Human Resources Officer at Eutelsat, where he revamped the company’s HR function worldwide and was Chief Human Resources Officer at Criteo, a fast growth global software company where Antoine successfully led the human resources for IPO readiness on NASDAQ.

    Antoine holds a master’s degree in Human Resources management from L’Ecole des Ressources Humaines du Groupe IGS and a master’s in psychology from Institut catholique de Paris.

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  • Ernesto Chavez
    最高法務責任者 (CLO)
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    Ernesto Chavez

    Ernesto Chavez is the Chief Legal Officer at Kyriba, responsible for global legal matters and compliance.

    Ernesto brings more than 11 years of experience as an attorney, which includes complex commercial transactions, corporate finance, and leading internal corporate legal departments. Ernesto is a proven leader with a history of building legal departments that function hand-in-hand with business operations while maintaining the highest legal standards. Prior to joining Kyriba, he was General Counsel for Gain Credit, Inc. and an associate with Latham & Watkins LLP.

    Ernesto holds a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles and a JD from the University of Southern California.

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  • Rémy Dubois
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    Rémy Dubois

    Rémy Dubois is Kyriba’s Chief Marketing & Value Officer, bringing extensive management and leadership experience to his role.

    Before Kyriba, Rémy spent four years leading SAP’s Large Enterprise business in France. He has a proven 20-plus year track record, having held various international sales and general management roles at leading enterprises and smaller high-growth companies, including webMethods and Opsware. At webMethods and Opsware, he successfully led the Large European Operations group as vice president of sales and partners for EMEA.

    Rémy holds an MBA in Corporate Finance from UMass-Amherst and a post-Masters degree in Electronics from the Université d’Orsay in Paris.

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  • Boris Lipiainen
    最高技術責任者 (CTO)
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    Boris Lipiainen

    Boris Lipiainen serves as Kyriba’s Chief Technology Officer, formerly holding the position of Chief of Staff. Boris leads strategic growth initiatives for Kyriba, the project management office, and will oversee information security for the company.

    Boris was a member of the executive leadership team at Finastra as this company grew to become the third largest software provider for global financial services. Most recently at Finastra, he was General Manager for the Treasury and Capital Markets business. In this role, he was responsible for the second largest product set at Finastra, serving over 1,000 financial institutions worldwide. Boris was an associate principal at McKinsey Business Technology Office in London and a CIO/COO of a startup bank.

    With more than 27 years of international professional experience in the UK, US, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Boris will join Kyriba’s UK office.

    Boris received a M.S. in management and finance from MIT Sloan School of Management, and a M.S. in applied mathematics and computer science from the Academy of Federal Security Service of Russia.

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  • Andrew Snyder
    最高経験責任者 (CXO)
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    Andrew Snyder

    Andrew Snyder is the Chief Experience Officer at Kyriba, responsible for leading the company’s Client Services teams, including Professional Services, Client Support and Client Success.

    Snyder recently led strategic priorities and daily operations as Kyriba’s Chief of Staff and brings more than 15 years of experience driving transformational change for leading event management and advisory firms. Prior to Kyriba, he led Customer Experience programs and elevated Customer Care solutions at Cvent, a global leader in meetings and events technology. Prior to Cvent, Snyder had an executive facing role at Accenture’s strategy practice where he provided consulting for senior leaders in public health, transportation, agriculture, and national security across multiple functions including finance, HR, corporate strategy, and operations.

    Snyder holds a BA from the University of Rochester and an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

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  • Kevin Bailey
    最高情報セキュリティ責任者 (CISO)
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    Kevin Bailey

    Kevin Bailey is the Chief Information Security Officer at Kyriba, responsible for leading the company’s Information Security organization, including Security Operations, Security Engineering, Security Assurance, and Security Communications and Training. In this role his focus is to enable successful business outcomes, profitability, and growth by maintaining a robust security program and culture that protects Kyriba and its customers.

    Kevin most recently built and led the Security Operations team at Kyriba where he was responsible for preventing, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity attacks globally. He brings 12 + years of experience in building, leading, and growing cybersecurity programs across global organizations. Prior to Kyriba, his time was spent building and maturing Security Operations and Engineering teams at Sony Network Entertainment, Qualcomm, and Sempra Energy.

    Kevin was named 2020 T.E.N. Information Security Executive of the Year, Financial Sector.

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