Flying over USA at night with city light illumination. View from space. 3D render

サプライヤー サステイナビリティ

Eco-friendly building in the modern city. Green tree branches with leaves and sustainable glass building for reducing heat and carbon dioxide. Office building with green environment. Go green concept.




group of women laughing
Large areas of wind power in the mountains



  • 2024年までに、中小企業、マイノリティ企業、不利な立場にある企業に400万ドルを投資する。
  • 2027年までに1,000万ドルに増やす。
  • これらのビジネスを支援する非営利団体に毎年2万ドル以上の寄付をする。

Green Building Architecture Aerial view of large sustainable electrical power plant with many rows of solar photovoltaic panels for producing clean electric energy in evening. Renewable electricity with zero emission concept. Carbon Nautral, ESG Concepts. Green Leaf inside a Computer Circuit Board. Growth. Environmental, Business and Technology Growth Together. Sustainable Resources Renewable energy system with solar panel on the roof

サプライヤー サステナビリティへの取り組み

4つの主要な取り組みが、当社のサプライヤー サステナビリティ・プログラムの基礎となり、当社の意欲的なコミットメントを強調しています:
  • サプライヤー ESG 調査


  • 調達方針

    We recently revised our procurement policy to include provisions relating to Supplier Sustainability, documenting programs, outlining expectations, and establishing action plans for suppliers procured by Kyriba.

  • サプライヤーポータル

    To further extend our internal value to clients, we’ve incorporated our commercial platform, Kyriba’s Supply Chain Finance Tool, into a Supplier Portal to process and store specific Supplier information.

  • メンバーシップ、ツール、データ

    Strategic memberships and sponsorships designed to help grow our network, gather data, and promote supplier sustainability in support of our commitments, helping to source diverse suppliers and promote our initiatives through cross-branding, resources, and networking.