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Turning Data into Business Insight: Finance and IT Converging

September 9, 2022

Hamza Benamar, CFO at Kyriba, offers guidance to CFOs on the importance of working with CIOs to invest in the capacity to manage big data, and provides insights into why, with the current market backdrop, it’s critical to leverage actionable, real-time insights and unlock value with APIs, AI and BI in an interview with Forbes CFO Network contributor Jeff Thomson.

Editor’s note:

CFOs and their teams are navigating unchartered global crises on a more frequent basis. What many analysts are calling “shocks” – or sudden, massive and unexpected changes to market conditions – are impacting corporate bottom lines and creating uncertainty among investors, especially for those organizations that are uninvested in their finance organization’s people, systems architecture or technologies.

In this moment, Finance leaders may be at a tipping point, one that quickly evolves to a point of no return as the implications of managing larger and more complex data sets, volatility, inflation (for now) is the norm.

In this article, Kyriba’s CFO Hamza Benamar illustrates the critical areas Finance Chiefs must become more familiar and why IT is a close ally in optimizing growth for their company. Related to the challenge of navigating these tumultuous waters is the absolute need for predictability over liquidity in real-time.

This capacity is empowered by APIs, AI and BI, three areas to asses as part of a road map to power your digital transformation journey.

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