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Driving Value Through Diversity: Women in Treasury

Driving Value Through Diversity: Women in Treasury

This is a video replay from Kyriba Live Vegas 2020, but the topic of diversity and inclusion for Women in Treasury is still valid today. 

Promoting a gender-diverse workforce isn’t just a matter of fairness, it’s about business results. According to research from McKinsey & Co., companies in the top quartile for gender or ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians. Yet, increasing the number of female senior executives has been slower than expected.

This session explores the big impact women are making on the treasury profession, and how their male counterparts can act as both advocates and strategic collaborators to achieve better financial outcomes.

There are many ways we can empower women in the finance and treasury. While there isn’t a single solution to increase women’s presence in the workplace and in management roles, there are actions we can all take to support and encourage women in our industry. Below are some of the tips our guests covered in the video.

For every woman, it’s essential to be confident in your skills and abilities. Recognize the value of your contributions and influence the people around you. Remember that growth often happens when you step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges, even before the role is given to you Identify your strengths and acknowledge your areas for improvement, and take steps to expand your domain knowledge and your network.

For everybody, men and women included, ensure that you are supporting, acknowledging, and encouraging all team members and colleagues equally, regardless of gender. Diversity and inclusion are not only gender specific. Try to make everyone’s voice heard during meetings, and make an effort to proactively involve different people in conversations. Be mindful of the differences we all carry from different languages, cultures, and social values.

For organizations, it’s essential to investing in mentoring programs or other supporting and training programs to support women to encourage them to continue to progress in their careers. Additionally, offering training on topics such as harassment and bias can help raise awareness of workplace ethics, fostering a culture of inclusivity and eventually driving business and organizational success.

When we join our forces together, both on a personal and organizational level, we can empower and support female professionals in finance and treasury, and promote greater diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Every small step counts.

Watch the video to get inspired by the great women leaders in finance and treasury.