Benchmarking Your ELM Processes

ELM is one of the most critical areas for any organization. It spans Cash & Liquidity Management, Capital Markets & Risk Management, Payments & Fraud, and Working Capital, all of which are paramount to organizational vitality. As such, and given the mounting uncertainty, rising inflation, global pandemics, and geo-political instability, it should be benchmarked regularly. Initiating a comprehensive and rigorous liquidity benchmarking evaluation would not only help to identify internal gaps, but also, help an organization garner and adopt industry best practices to weather the storm and even thrive. We believe that enabling organizations to objectively take necessary steps to benchmark their performance would improve organizational resilience and boost efforts to drive enhanced competitiveness and value creation. 

Gathering the required information from scratch can be a monumental task, especially if there is no benchmarking foundation, established methodologies, long data history and peer comparison groups across both leading and lagging indicators.  

The dilemma many organizations face is acknowledging the importance of the insights that can be derived from benchmarking yet recognizing the daunting task of building a practice by themselves. This often leads to deferring benchmarking initiatives. To overcome this challenge, organizations partner with liquidity management and industry experts/advisors to perform this critical strategic step.  

Here at Kyriba, we made the decision five years ago to build performance benchmarking to support our clients and prospective customers need to assess themselves against peer groups to determine 1- what’s working well, and 2- what needs to be improved upon.  

The Kyriba benchmarking database has 1,600 organizations across multiple industries, sectors, revenue sizes and geographies, making it the largest ELM benchmarking repository in the world. The database is also growing at 500 to 600 per year. 

Risk & Impact Profile Diagram
Benchmarking Processes Diagram

With the only dedicated practice around ELM benchmarking, Kyriba uses finance and treasury practitioners and executives to conduct client assessments. Furthermore, to streamline the process and make it efficient, the Kyriba Value Engineering Team uses collaboration tools to collect, validate and refine the data it collects from clients. Client organizations are critical to the success of the program. The Kyriba team collaborates with our clients to identify the right improvement opportunities they need to pursue based on factual empirical data. We use our benchmarking findings as a blueprint for value creation, monitoring, and realization. This full value lifecycle approach allows clients and Kyriba to forge a value-based, outcome-focused partnership. 


Kyriba’s Value Engineering team has assisted over 1,600 companies, across all sectors, revenue sizes and geographies, to perform the right process diagnostics, develop iron-clad, board-ready value assessment, and provide risk and threat profiles with implications and mitigation strategies. To conduct this level of analysis, the Kyriba Value Engineering team has recruited the best in the business. Each Value Engineer has over 15 years of field, treasury and finance experience, and hundreds of assessments under her/his belt, and are relentlessly focused on client satisfaction. Each Value Engineer will collaborate with your team to create the compelling case you need to secure the required investment to support your treasury transformation. Should you want to learn more about how Kyriba Value Engineering can help you, please contact the Value Engineering team at [email protected] or your Kyriba Sales representative or visit