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Charter Communications: Winner of Achievements in Productivity Award

Charter communications ss

Awarded to the company that has posted significant gains in productivity by creating fully automated cash and investment workflow, freeing up treasury’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives. Nominated by ICD.

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  • Inherited the Kyriba platform in a merger, and had not used the capabilities available to them.
  • Used their bank’s portal to trade money market funds.
  • No automated process for payments
  • Entering data into the TMS and the settlement process was all manual and impossible to have a singular view into the trades being made and the cash balances that were available to invest in money market funds.



New fully automated cash and investment workflow with Kyriba and ICD offers:

  • Visibility into cash
  • A broad range of products to invest in
  • Significant time-savings
  • Efficiency through resource reallocation
  • Security with data accuracy and risk mitigation

“Ultimately, Charter Communications put cash to work that might otherwise sit idle by implementing a single source of truth for cash and investments.”


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Kyriba’s Liquidity Excellence Awards recognize clients, both at the corporate and individual level, for excellence in Treasury, Finance and Cash Management. Winners are nominated by their peers and partners, and are announced at KyribaLive, Kyriba’s annual user conference. Nominating partners also receive acknowledgement for their contribution to these clients’ successes.

Company awards recognize outstanding performance across six award categories: Treasury Transformation, Achievements in Productivity, FX Optimization, Payment Innovation, Working Capital, and Implementation the Year.

Recognition is also given to individual contributors for outstanding performance across four award categories: Peak Performer, Pivotal API, Data Demon, and Elevated Visibility.

Check out our complete list of 2023 Liquidity Excellence Award Winners. Congratulations to all!