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Decoding FX Market Trends: Top 3 Lessons from Kyriba’s Currency Impact Report

Are you navigating the complex currents of global currency markets that are eating into key financial metrics? Join this webinar where we’ll delve into Kyriba’s latest Currency Impact Report, a valuable benchmarking tool for corporates to gauge their currency impact against other large multinationals.

Speakers from Kyriba and Deloitte can help you harness the Report’s insights to propel your Risk Management strategy and learn from the latest trends they are observing with their clients.

During this session, we will be:

  • Reviewing Q4 2023 impacts against the cumulative data of 2023 to understand pivotal movements and their implications on corporate earnings.
  • Providing an analysis of key currency movements, volatility trends and economic factors influencing market dynamics today.
  • Exploring evolving corporate risk management strategies in response to prevailing currency conditions.

Whether you’re looking to refine your risk management strategies or seeking a comprehensive understanding of the latest FX impacts, this webinar is a must-attend event to propel your risk management strategy.