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From Risk to Resilience: Mastering Core Treasury Challenges

This panel discussion of a number of treasury thought leaders will cover some of the most pressing issues facing treasury professionals today with a practical twist so that attendees come away informed and ready to act. Topics expected in this fast-paced session include:

  • Geopolitical Risk. Wars, more country-level elections than in any recent period, and government actions all compound the risks treasurers face. How can we best manage through them?
  • Cashflow Forecasting. Dealing with changing market conditions requires excellent forecasting. What methods and techniques are working well? What are people doing?
  • Staffing & Scalability. Age cohorts are real. Making your treasury team scalable requires modern technology, staff that is current on the issues and tech, and relevant treasury structures. How are your peers adapting to create a more scalable treasury?
  • Counterparty Risk Management. Greater headwinds and company insolvencies are increasing. Concerns about banking partners are not to be ignored. What are the new expectations for identifying, calibrating, and managing counterparty risk?
  • Securing Payments. Interesting new methods of stealing from companies coupled with better technology to support the old methods lead us to one conclusion: we must provide a better defense. What is treasury to do? What are leading practices to securing payment processes and systems?