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The Future of Forecasting: How to Meet the CFOs Objectives

CFOs no longer need a cash forecast…they need more! CFOs are under immense pressure to meet free cash flow targets, especially in a high-interest-rate environment, where every decision matters. That’s why real-time, actionable insights have become the lifeline for proactive liquidity management across the enterprise. But, how do you go beyond mere cash visibility to meet the evolving CFO objectives for strategic forecasting?

Join this webcast to discover how liquidity planning helps to make your forecasts actionable. Dory Malouf, Director of Value Engineering, and Thomas Gavaghan, VP of Global Presales at Kyriba will equip you with the essential tools and strategies to achieve real-time and dependable insights into liquidity, risk, and working capital.

You will learn:

• The crucial distinction between cash forecasting and liquidity planning.

• Strategies to protect your cash flow from external risks and unlock internal cash before borrowing.

• The value of APIs, AI, and analytics to revolutionize your treasury operations and drive strategic growth.