Kyriba and Grameen Bank: A Success Story – Video

Kyriba and Grameen Bank: A Success Story – Video

As a micro-finance institution, Grameen needed a solution that brought reconciliation and forecasting all into one place. In working with Kyriba, Grameen’s treasury team automated their processes and has been able to leverage valid data for timely reporting while also utilizing Kyriba’s payments module for enhanced cash visibility and control.

Before partnering with Kyriba, Grameen relied on manual processes, excel sheets and multiple banking portals to manage its payments and reporting. Data entry was done manually and errors were sometimes unavoidable, which led to inefficiency and increased operational risks.

Grameen also lacked visibility into its bank accounts and balances across the banks. People had to log into different bank portals to gather the information.

To address these challenges, Grameen implemented Kyriba’s treasury and payment management solutions. With Kyriba’s solutions, Grameen was able to centralize and automate its treasury and payment workflows, which greatly improved security, accuracy, visibility, and efficiency.

By eliminating manual data entry and errors, Kyriba’s solutions helped Grameen to reduce payment processing time and costs. The platform provided real-time visibility into bank account balances and transactions, all on one platform accessible by stakeholders, enabling Grameen to manage its finances more effectively.

Overall, Kyriba’s treasury payment management platform helped Grameen to streamline reporting, improve visibility, and centralize payments. By eliminating manual processes and providing real-time visibility into bank accounts and transactions, Kyriba’s solutions enabled Grameen, its CFO and treasury teams to achieve greater financial control and focus on strategic initiatives.

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