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Kyriba and Kelkoo: A Group Case Study Video

Kyriba and Kelkoo: A Group Case Study Video

A fully realized digital transformation of treasury involves effective cash management, accurate cash forecasting, and real-time cash positioning within a consolidated view.  Without it, it is nearly impossible to support treasury & finance’s’ short-, medium- and long-term decisions.  It is the goal and the most fundamental responsibility of treasurers to have full 100% cash visibility at the beginning of each day.

Kelkoo Group, a leading e-commerce company, gained full control of their cash management and forecasting by utilising Kyriba’s Enterprise Liquidity Management solutions.

Here are some of the challenges Hilary Heah, Treasury Manager, was facing:

  • Having to log into different banking portals
  • Extracting and gathering the information manually risking inaccuracies

Kyriba’s tailored solutions allowed their treasury team to:

  • Log into one platform to get a consolidated view
  • Automation for reduced risk of manual processes
  • Full cash visibility
  • Get better analysis of daily transactions and consolidated statements
  • Get accurate cash forecasting allowing them to make better-informed decisions
  • Improved decision-making based on data

Watch the video to learn more.


About Kelkoo Group

With over 20 years’ experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and consumer analysis, Kelkoo Group is a global data-driven marketing platform that connects consumers to products and provides qualified traffic to online retailers. We operate in 39 countries worldwide and offer traffic acquisition solutions to Publishers, delivering highly qualified leads to their online shops, as well as monetization solutions to publishers, enabling them to earn money from displaying our Publishers’ products on their websites.

Kelkoo Group is a professional and friendly environment. We have a passionate and multicultural team of 200+ employees located across our European offices in London (corporate headquarters), Paris, Grenoble, Milan, Oslo, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Madrid.