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Kyriba Bank Connectivity Cockpit

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Bank Connectivity and Balance Monitoring in One Powerful Dashboard

Finance teams rely upon critical daily banking information for insight into cash and liquidity. Yet monitoring bank connection status, variance troubleshooting and reconciliations between bank/cash balances across multiple banks can be burdensome. As the market leader in bank connectivity, Kyriba gives its customers a powerful new tool: Bank Connectivity Cockpit.

  • Spend less time tracking down missing files
  • Deliver easy and automated notifications
  • Speed identification, troubleshooting, and resolution of bank reporting interruptions
  • Automate two-way comminications with partner banks

Bank Connectivity Cockpit

Value for Treasury and Finance
Bank reporting information in the form of bank statements impacts your liquidity outlook every day. With the Bank Connectivity Cockpit, Kyriba provides an easy way to spot anomalies both for end-of-day bank statements and intraday bank statements, because the solution compares expected and actual communications. It lowers the total cost of bank connectivity monitoring, delivers successful cash positioning, and streamlines business execution. With increased accuracy of cash positions, clients are ready to take decisions on balancing, investing, and funding.

Solution for Information Technology
For new or existing customers, the Kyriba Bank Connectivity Cockpit is part of our holistic, integrated Bank Connectivity solution and strengthens an already leading Connectivity as a Service product with easy to use, automated and clear monitoring of a critical part of the finance information reporting system.

  • Isolate and display exceptions only
  • One page to monitor all bank connectivity in real time
  • User-defined alerts
  • Bank and account-level reports
  • Global coverage for prior-day and intraday reports
  • Easy to establish, reporting and automated notifications
  • Consolidated dashboard designed to make critical liquidity information readily available to the entire Finance organization
  • Investigate details through drill down capabilities