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Kyriba Open Formats Studio

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The Industry’s First Self-Service Payment Formats Library

The Kyriba Open Formats Studio (OFS) offers a complete set of self-service tools to quickly implement, test and deploy payment formats within the Kyriba Payment Hub. Easy to use and explore, our extensive format library provides a Sandbox environment for registered users to customize and manage new payment formats.

Who can benefit from Kyriba OFS?

  • IT specialists
  • Payments and TMS implementation consultants
  • Advanced treasury or payments experts
  • Anyone who regularly works with payment formats

What can you do with Kyriba OFS?

  • Implement formats for new payment types
  • Modify existing formats
  • Test format variants with a single click
  • Verify newly implemented payment formats
Overview of the Available OFS ToolKit
Formats List Formats List
Bank/Country Matrix Find payment scenarios currently supported in Kyriba
Alias Library & Statistics Search all available variants for each format / subformat in Kyriba
Simulation Tool Simulate output bank files from Kyriba Formats Library and test different alias combinations
Post-processor Tool Test and validate new SWIFT MT and ISO 20022 post-processing rules
Comparison Tool Compare and highlight the differences between the output bank files obtained from tests
Script Testing Tool Create Python scripts with the available samples and template library, or simply use embedded ChatGPT. Test and validate the results before incorporating them into various workflows.


Kyriba Open Formats Studio

To access Kyriba’s Open Formats Studio, please send your request to [email protected]