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Kyriba Open Reports Studio

Treasury working 3 scaled

Take charge of your data with automated, real-time reports

Kyriba Open Reports Studio is a powerful Excel add-in that seamlessly integrates with the Kyriba application via Kyriba APIs to empower finance professionals in treasury, accounting and other functions to take control of their data. With two-way data exchange between Kyriba and Excel and powerful tools such as Copilot in Excel, users can efficiently analyze, explore and visualize their selected data using the power of AI.

Highlighted Features
Reporting Add-In
  • Available as downloadable add-in from Microsoft Office Store
  • Leverage existing Excel formulas with Kyriba custom functions designed for treasury, accounting and other finance teams
  • One add-in to connect to all Kyriba APIs: reports, imports, functions
  • On-demand reports for advanced data-driven decision-making
Flexible and Cross-Platform
  • Cross-platform support, for both Windows and Mac users
  • Macros enable programming level flexibility for business users
  • Custom build your own user interface, tailor-made for your daily operations and workflows
Easy to Use
  • Log in with Kyriba application credentials
  • Access real-time data with a single click
  • Dedicated how-to guide available via Kyriba developer portal
  • No coding required on the user’s machine

Kyriba Open Reports Studio Screen 1

Kyriba Open Reports Studio Screen 2

Kyriba Open Reports Studio Screen 3