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Kyriba Platinum Support Network

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Kyriba is pleased to offer Platinum Support for our Treasury, Payments and Supply Chain Finance clients in need of our most advanced level of support, designed for companies that require a more tailored approach based on size, complexity and geographical footprint.

Kyriba Platinum Support offers everything clients can expect from a platinum service package, including access to our Client Support Portal, a designated support account manager (SAM), monthly review meetings, and access to Kyriba’s global support centers with support provided in multiple languages. In addition, a selection of highly tailored services are offered, including dedicated advanced monitoring, functional assistance and user training, twice-a-year onsite visits, and a yearly Platform Utilization Study (PLUS) session.

Enhanced Support And Case Management

Kyriba Platinum Support subscribers benefit from a designated Support Account Manager (SAM), an experienced and highly-trained resource with advanced knowledge of the Kyriba application and the client’s individual Kyriba environment and processes. Every SAM provides:

  • A higher level of proactive monitoring of their environment, including the Kyriba platform and the delivery of bank statements and payments
  • Monitoring and proactive management of all support requests, coordinating case escalations to ensure the quickest possible resolution (cases are simultaneously submitted to the SAM and Kyriba’s general support queue for fastest possible resolution)
  • Comprehensive KPI reports and a yearly overview of new features and enhancements

Dedicated Advanced Monitoring

Kyriba Platinum Support provides subscribers an invaluable service for companies wishing to outsource their monitoring functions and optimize internal resources. Dedicated Advanced Monitoring includes:

  • Monitoring the delivery of bank statements, bank connection status and cash balance variances
  • Payment monitoring to ensure that payments are sent and processed successfully by the banks
  • Customized Inbound and Outbound file monitoring from/to ERPs (payments, currency exchange rates, etc.)
  • Personalized monitoring schedule, adapted for each organization, providing proactive alerts each time a potential issue is detected, with comprehensive investigation and recommended resolutions

Functional Assistance / User Training

Platinum support comes with up to eight hours a month of functional assistance and/or user training, making this package particularly valuable for companies that regularly add new users.

Options include:

  • training sessions delivered via conference sharing
  • same-day training for high-priority issues
  • consultation via setup assistance and process documentation
  • optimization of existing functionalities or module

Bank Calls

When facing issues with bank statements, Kyriba Platinum Support will call the banks on behalf of the clients and accelerate resolution (subject to thirdparty agreements).

Onsite Visits

Platinum support includes two onsite visits per year. These include a recap meeting and discussions of any changes required.

Platform Utilization Study (PLUS):

Kyriba Platinum Support includes an annual PLUS session to address your organization’s evolving structure and needs. Kyriba product experts analyzes the company’s existing configuration and provide specific recommendations to create additional workflow efficiencies.

The PLUS session includes:

  • Preliminary Q&A conference call
  • Onsite meeting to examine current use case and any associated pain points, noting touch points with other departments and systems
  • Detailed reporting of with findings and recommendations

Why Kyriba Platinum Support?

Kyriba Platinum Support addresses the specific needs of companies using Kyriba for our award-winning Treasury, Payments and Supply Chain Financing solutions, and looking for a more tailored support package, from customized monitoring and user training to an in-depth evaluation of the existing configuration:

  • Obtain tailored support to suit the company’s specific requirements
  • Outsource monitoring functions and optimize internal resources
  • Access functional assistance and/or user training, ensuring that new users are fully equipped to use Kyriba effectively
  • Benefit from recap meetings and personalized presentation of new release notes
  • Receive annual recommendations to improve the existing configuration and increase workflow efficiency