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Launching Kyriba Academy

Kyriba academy

Kyriba is committed to providing clients with the knowledge, skills and best practices to maximize their Kyriba educational experience. Kyriba Academy offers a series of different training courses that allow users the flexibility to customize their own learning journey.

Obtaining certification demonstrates a client’s commitment to corporate treasury excellence. These certification courses will help clients become a subject matter expert in the Kyriba application, helping maintain and enhance their overall experience. Kyriba users will develop the skills needed to efficiently administer, enhance, and expand their Kyriba deployment, leveraging best practices methodology.

Kyriba Academy Programs

The Kyriba Academy’s client certification program is available both on demand and in person. 4 Different Paths Designed to Support Different Needs.

  1. New to Treasury Designed for users new to the treasury space who want to increase their basic treasury knowledge
  2. End User Knowledge Provides a basic understanding of how to leverage and effectively use the Kyriba Application daily
  3. Deep Dives Designed for all Kyriba users who would like a deeper understanding on specific Kyriba workflows
  4. Kyriba Expert Users who want to significantly increase their Kyriba knowledge and focuses on the setup and implementation of a specific module on the Kyriba solution. Kyriba certification available at the end of each session

Kyriba selects the most advanced trainers and subject matter experts for its training and certification program. These trainers have vast knowledge of the Kyriba platform and bring real-world experience along with on-the-job experience as former members of our implementation teams. Our objective is to provide different paths for different learning needs.

Kyriba Academy sessions

FAQs on Kyriba Academy Programs

Q1:If I am a Kyriba user and I am interested in taking ad-hoc deep dive sessions at my own pace, can I accumulate enough deep-dives to achieve full certification in a module?

A: If you complete the all the deep-dive sessions required to achieve certification in a specific module within a year of taking the first training, you will be a candidate for certification.

Q2: Can I customize training for my company?

A: You can request a specific session for your company that specifically fits your needs. All you need is to fulfill the minimum requirement of 5 participants in your session.

Q3: How long does it take to achieve certification?

A: Certification can be achieved in as little as 3 days (Payments: On-demand pre-work required via our own ELMS) and as long as 5 days (Core Bank and Cash training).

Q4: What if I do not require certification?

A: If no certification is required as you are focused on daily application use, then End-User training is the best option. If you have implemented Kyriba in the past and need a specific topic refresher, then DeepDives would be the best solution for your needs.

Q5: Where can I train?

A: Training can be conducted virtual in our Kyriba offices in EMEA (Paris or London) or North America (San Diego).

Q6: Can I request a training on my premises?

A: Yes, with a minimum of 5 participants per class.

Q7: Where do I sign up for training?

A: Contact your account manager, they will provide pricing and sign-up calendar form.

Q8: What tools can I use to receive updates on the progress that my employees are making?

A: The ELMS (Electronic Learning Management System) will be available to track weekly progress for each employee training on your team. Kyriba Academy can provide weekly updates.

Q9: At what level is certification held?

A: Certification is held at the individual level.

Q10: What is the minimum score for certification?

A: Seventy-five percent. As we believe this is the minimum score to confirm your knowledge in the application.

Q11: If I do not achieve 75 percent, what happens?

A: You will have two weeks to re-take the ELMS courses. You will have two weekly calls with a Kyriba trainer to review knowledge gaps. You can retake the test via virtual classroom (sessions available every 2 weeks).

Q12: What if I fail the second attempt?

A: You need to retake the training session.