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Optimize Liquidity with Kyriba

Optimize Liquidity with Kyriba

In the complex world of global finance, managing liquidity can feel like an uphill battle. Without complete data and automation, navigating a web of banking relationships becomes daunting.

Enter Kyriba – the Liquidity Performance Platform built to optimize liquidity and enhance business performance. Kyriba understands the challenges posed by siloed data and manual workflows – obstacles that hinder clear visibility into cash positions, trading relationships, and working capital efficiency. Kyriba’s Liquidity Performance Platform helps treasurers find the right balance and optimal mix across varied sources of liquidity to meet obligations while keeping costs at the right level.

Revolutionize Financial Operations

Kyriba revolutionizes liquidity management by seamlessly integrating banking operations with financial ledger systems, granting CFOs and finance teams the visibility and automation necessary to navigate complex global banking relationships and optimize working capital for sustainable growth.

Our platform empowers teams to optimize various facets of financial operations, including systems, structures, and liquidity decisions. These capabilities cater to the diverse needs of the CFO’s office, spanning treasury management, payments processing, and working capital optimization.

With Kyriba, you can replace opacity with actionable insights that drive strategic liquidity decisions. Through our intelligent dashboards and menu maps, we provide comprehensive control over end-to-end workflows, encompassing activities such as investments, borrowing, intercompany pooling and netting, and the efficient movement of liquidity.

With Kyriba’s global bank management dashboards, users gain access to clean and accurate data, enabling them to track bank relationships and strategically reduce associated fees. Our seamless integrations facilitate the streamlined processing of payables and receivables, unlocking liquidity within the cash conversion cycle and enhancing overall financial efficiency. When you unlock liquidity, you can optimize working capital, improve cash flow management, and invest in growth opportunities, ultimately enhancing financial flexibility and resilience. Unlocked liquidity enables you to meet financial obligations more efficiently and strategically allocate resources for maximum impact.

Kyriba: Optimizing Liquidity Via Data-Driven Decision Making

Manage complex cash structures, investments, borrowing, and hedging with confidence and optimize enterprise liquidity for business growth.

Key Capabilities

  • In-house banking
  • Multilateral netting
  • Payables and receivables financing

Embark on Your Journey to Liquidity Excellence

In today’s unpredictable world, mastering liquidity is essential for optimizing performance. By choosing Kyriba, you’re embarking on a journey towards liquidity excellence.

Are you ready to outperform the competition and maximize your liquidity potential? Request a demo today and let Kyriba guide you on your path to success.