Treasury Management for Retailers

Retail treasury teams are faced with a very distinct set of requirements and demands compared to other organizations. Kyriba’s experience in working with major retailers like Best Buy, Coach, Williams-Sonoma and many more ensures that it can meet the unique challenges of today’s retail-focused financial professionals.

Kyriba provides retailers a cloud solution to consolidate bank and cash data from their multiple channels in a seamless, automated fashion.


• Tracking Omnichannel Sales
Consumers have more choices than ever before in how they shop, from online to mobile to traditional brick and mortar stores. This poses challenges for treasury teams that need to track and forecast these multiple channels.

• High Transaction Volume
The increase in sales channels typically also leads to higher transaction volumes that treasury needs to manage. This adds pressure on to treasury and accounting to reconcile daily cash and post to the general ledger.

• Proliferating Bank Accounts
Most retailers have a large number of banking relationships to manage. Manually gathering transactional data via multiple bank portals and rekeying into spreadsheets is a huge burden.

• Reconciliation
Retailers are challenged with high volume, low value reconciliation processes that are required to ensure cash accuracy. Most companies have created multiple, often disparate processes for the different levels of reconciliation.

These challenges come on top of universal treasury issues, such as achieving 100% cash visibility, perfecting cash forecasting, and improving treasury audit and controls.


Kyriba empowers forward-thinking retail treasury teams to optimize key capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital strategies. Kyriba’s platform delivers the following capabilities from a secure, highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Centralize Financial Data from All Channels
Kyriba provides retailers a cloud solution to consolidate bank and cash data from their multiple channels in a seamless, automated fashion. Kyriba eliminates time-wasting process steps so retail treasurers can minimize pockets of idle cash, make faster decisions and provide more value to their CFO.

Synchronize Cash and Accounting
Kyriba can centralize the typically disparate processes between treasury and accounting over shared data. This eliminates many FTE hours associated with manual, and often duplicative, steps in both departments.

Automated Bank Connectivity
Kyriba’s connectivity hub allows retail clients to easily connect to their global banks without having to go through multiple portals or pay a consolidator to gather their data. Bank reporting can be viewed within the application or distributed via automated reporting and visual dashboards.

Improve Working Capital
Kyriba’s supplier financing solution enables retailers to extend days payables outstanding (DPO) to improve working capital while standardizing early payment terms for suppliers. Kyriba fully integrates with banks, funding partners, and all ERP solutions while featuring a supplier portal for streamlined early payment decision making and execution.