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How Varsity Brands Achieved >90% Forecasting Accuracy

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Varsity Brands, emerging from the consolidation of three distinct entities – BSN SPORTS, Varsity Spirit and Herff Jones – faced numerous challenges in its treasury processes. With limited cash visibility, disjointed cash flow forecasts and a patchwork of manual processes, the pressure to streamline and centralize was palpable. Recognizing these challenges, Varsity Brands selected Kyriba to redefine and optimize their treasury operations for the future.

Key Challenges

In the wake of the business consolidation, Varsity Brands grappled with a maze of treasury complexities:

  • Fragmented Cash Management: Manual and siloed approaches caused inefficient use of cash resources and liquidity.
  • Inaccurate Cash Flow Forecasts: Predicting cash flow was imprecise, leading to unreliable business projections.
  • Excess Idle Cash: Funds were left unused, missing out on potential investment opportunities and revenue streams.
  • Disparate Systems: Multiple systems led to a lack of integration, hindering a unified view of enterprise-wide cash positions.

These challenges signaled the imperative need for Varsity Brands to overhaul its treasury operations and processes.

Varsity Brands Streamlines Treasury Operations with 100% Cash Visibility

With the implementation of the Kyriba platform, Varsity Brands ushered in a transformative era. No longer bogged down by manual tasks and fragmented systems, Kyriba delivered substantial time savings and significantly enhanced financial results.

Significant measurable results for Varsity Brands including 100% cash visibility

Varsity Brands Results

A Blueprint for Operational Excellence

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving marketplace, Varsity Brands’ partnership with Kyriba stands as a beacon of innovation. By choosing to leverage state-of-the-art treasury solutions, they’ve not only navigated intricate operational challenges but also charted a course for future industry leadership. Their journey illuminates the path for other enterprises, highlighting the profound impact of foresight and adaptability in achieving enduring success.