AFP Executive Guide: Rethinking Liquidity Planning to Manage the Cash Lifecycle

With the use of APIs, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, cash forecasting is evolving into a more proactive liquidity planning process.

Kyriba is proud to be a supporter of the AFP Executive Guide series, including this most recent edition on the emerging practice of Liquidity Planning.

Liquidity planning is about surrounding your cash forecast with internal and external data to optimize investment, borrowing and working capital decisions. As organizations are increasingly being valued on EBITDA resilience, treasury can show its value by perfecting liquidity planning – which is why liquidity planning has emerged as a core responsibility for many treasury teams to assess and optimize liquidity in times of crisis as well as during periods of higher interest rates and cost of capital.

In its most basic form, liquidity planning is making cash forecasts actionable – so that finance teams understand the impact of liquidity decisions in real-time and are better positioned to execute borrowing, investing, hedging, cash pooling and harnessing the cash conversion cycle to free cash from payables and receivables.

Liquidity planning also offers more strategic value, establishing treasury as a business partner and empowering the treasurer with data to positively impact key financing and capital decisions.

This Executive Guide is a critical resource for organizations just beginning their journey to establish liquidity planning processes or for those treasury teams that are seeking improvement in the efficiency or effectiveness of their liquidity programs.

Key takeaways that each reader will gain include:

  1. What is Liquidity Planning – and how does the practice differ from Cash Forecasting?
  2. Business outcomes that treasury teams can expect from effective liquidity planning
  3. How emerging technologies such as APIs, AI and Analytics support liquidity planning
  4. Strategies to automate forecasting and planning to minimize the cost to deliver more insightful analyses

Kyriba is a proud sponsor of the AFP Executive Guide series. We embrace our role in helping treasury and finance teams across the world become better informed and prepared for “next”. We hope this guide helps your team increase the resilience of your forecasting and liquidity planning programs.

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