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Delivering Technology Leadership for Your Transaction Banking Services

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Expand Your Banking Products and Services for Treasury, Payments, Connectivity, and Working Capital with Kyriba White-label Services for Banks.

Trusted by close to 3,000 customers, Kyriba White-label Services for Banks delivers value and expanded product coverage for Cash and Liquidity Planning, Payments, Connectivity, Financial Transactions, Risk Management and Working Capital to your corporate customers and prospects.

Whether your bank is a full-service provider of cash and treasury services, limited in services or using a proprietary customer portal, add value through partnering with Kyriba.

Banks recognize the importance of being close to decisions around core underlying payments, investment, and financing flows that their corporate customers are making.1


  • Kyriba’s delivers seamless integration with your core banking systems to include your administrative functions, single-sign-on (SSO), user maintenance allowing your bank systems full integration and control.
  • Provides your bank faster and more comprehensive access to your customers’ ERPs and related information reporting through proven, existing, API connectors.
  • Grow, solidify, and instantly expand your products and service portfolio with Kyriba’s platform of 50+ pre-built modules, used by tens of thousands of users every day.
  • Quick, easy ‘Time to Value’ for your customers with easy-to-use functionality, Kyriba gives you integrated workflow and features they need now.

Kyriba Transaction Banking – Solution Overview

  • Connectivity, cash management and forecasting offers a suite of functions with full API integration into your bank platform to provide corporate clients with modern, innovative apps to complement their treasury workflows.
  • Access to money market funds via APIs integration of your bank-provided and Kyriba’s Investment services enables corporate clients to seamlessly allocate cash to a variety of investments offered by your bank.
  • Centralized payment and approvals improve your customers’ domestic and cross-border payment journey through an end-to-end integrated workflow. Smooth, correctly priced workflows improve efficiency, transparency and controlling for all manner of nuisance payments.
  • Currency exposure calculator, analytics and position keeping strengthen treasury
    professionals’ tools to understand foreign currency exposures, perform analysis and determine the hedges necessary to comply with risk management policies. Kyriba’s FX Exposure Management solution has been crafted to meet these needs, extract and aggregate FX Exposures from customer systems and help in making risk management decisions.
  • ERP connectivity leverages Kyriba’s pre-built inventory of ERP connectors to eliminate weeks and months of custom integration and payment format development.
  • Kyriba’s bank account management solution remedies the administrative burden of BAM with improved centralized controls. Extend eBAM workflow to your customers and add value around automation the most time consuming and manually intensive processes.