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Keyloop Drives Forward with Automated Treasury

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Within the vast auto retail landscape, Keyloop stands out, delivering software solutions to 16,000 dealer sites and serving most automotive manufacturers in over 90 countries. Yet, like many industry leaders, Keyloop confronted operational challenges. Specifically, their treasury team grappled with manual tasks that limited efficiency and potential growth, highlighting the need for an automated treasury management solution.

Key Challenges

As a leader in the automotive retail domain, Keyloop faced several barriers that prevented seamless operational efficiency and scalability:

  • Manual Loan Management: Their treasury team found themselves consistently involved in meticulous oversight, ensuring every detail of their external and intercompany loan portfolio – including accruals, fees and settlements – was accurately tracked and posted.
  • Operational Bottlenecks: Fundamental tasks, such as balance reporting and cash pooling interest calculations, which required precision and accuracy, were laboriously executed manually.
  • Integration Hurdles: The absence of a system that could automate treasury processes such as vendor payments, customer direct debits and depository transactions elongated processing durations.
  • Reconciliation Concerns: Relying on manual processing for bank settlement files in BlackLine magnified the potential for discrepancies and errors.

Driving Efficiency with Kyriba

The pivotal phase commenced in 2022. Strengthened by the synergy between RSM and Francisco Partners, Keyloop championed an enterprise-wide initiative. The integration of Kyriba became a cornerstone in this quest for enhanced operational agility. Following the successful Kyriba implementation, Keyloop treasury observed a discernible shift.

Table: Kyriba implementation has enabled end-to-end treasury automation for Keyloop

Before Kyriba After Kyriba
Loan Portfolio Management Manual tracking and posting Automated treasury management
Vendor Payments and Customer Debits Manual processing Direct integration with NetSuite
Journal Entries and Depository Transactions Manual input Seamlessly extracted from NetSuite
Bank Reconciliations Manually handled in BlackLine Integrated and automated with BlackLine