Kyriba Analytics

Kyriba Analytics delivers integrated visual dashboards and pre-built analytics for Kyriba Cash, Liquidity, Treasury, Risk, Compliance and Supply Chain Finance modules and data. Kyriba Analytics goes beyond traditional reporting by offering on-demand drill down, dashboard editing, and a transformed visual experience for presentation-ready information sharing.

According to a survey by, data visualization and reporting are key areas where CFOs say treasury needs to improve its technology solutions to match industry best practices.

Strategic Insights into Liquidity and Risk

Kyriba’s Kyriba Analytics gives more predictive decision-making in the hands of finance with AI. Dashboards for scenario analysis, apply trends, market data and past criteria to drive improved insights:

  • Visualize cash and liquidity across your entire organization
  • Forecast debt with flexible scenario analysis on both cash inflows and outflows for clarity against future shifts
  • Visualize debt and risk level impacts to your profitability
  • Support capex spend and strategic decision-making for optimal ways to fund acquisitions or support funding international subsidiaries
  • Know where debt load is and across types of instruments

Featured Highlights

Interactive Analysis

  • Dynamic visualization and drill-down analysis
  • Uncover data relationships and trends through graphical exploration

Ready to Go

  • Instant access to standard reports and formulas out of the box
  • Leverage pre-built KPIs, visualizations, and calculations

Self-service Dashboard

  • Build your own interactive dashboards
  • Share your customized dashboards with your teams

Fully Integrated

  • Fully secure within Kyriba’s cloud
  • Complete data segregation by user
  • Empower team collaboration

Modules and Use Cases

Liquidity Analytics

  • What is my net debt and my liquidity?
  • How and when best to pay down my debt?
  • How many “days of survival” do I have?

Cash Analytics

  • Do I have enough cash?
  • Are my cash forecasts reliable?
  • What is my activity with banks?

Payments Analytics

  • Where is my biggest concentration of payments?
  • Are we sending too many wires?
  • Which users execute payments and who approves them?

Risk Analytics

  • How much is available on my credit lines?
  • What is my borrowing profile?
  • What is the value of my financial assets?

SCF Analytics

  • What is my supplier participation rate?
  • How many documents have been uploaded?
  • Which invoices are financed?

Compliance Analytics

  • Who are the users and where are they located?
  • Which modules can they access with which rights?
  • What data can they access?

Why Kyriba Analytics?

Traditional Reporting Analytics
Advanced data visualization X Mark Checkmark
Self-service dashboard creation X Mark Checkmark
Data drill-down X Mark Checkmark
Variable change on-the-fly X Mark Checkmark
Large data volume handling X Mark Checkmark
Empower better collaboration across the organization X Mark Checkmark