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Kyriba’s Cash and Liquidity Management Solution

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Kyriba’s Cash and Liquidity Management Solution offers Cash Management, Cash Forecasting, Liquidity Planning and Liquidity Analytics modules for CFOs and treasurers to predict cash and liquidity requirements and make data-driven liquidity decisions.

The practice of cash forecasting has changed post-pandemic. CFOs and boards demand increased free cash flow necessitating greater precision in forecasting and planning. Liquidity planning has emerged as a new practice that extends beyond cash forecasting to make more informed and efficient decisions to increase the generation and preservation of cash on the balance sheet and to support the CFO plan for growth, expansion, acquisitions, and EBITDA improvement.

The Kyriba Cash and Liquidity Management Solution supports integrated cash and liquidity practices with three pillar components.

Cash Management

For daily cash positioning and reconciliation of prior day bank transactions, including bank reporting, bank transaction tagging, and target balancing of accounts. Kyriba module: Cash Management

Cash Forecasting

Projecting cash surpluses and requirements days/weeks/months into the future. Forecast data is captured from internal and external sources with the ability to model simultaneous forecasts in parallel and stress-test against multiple business scenarios. Kyriba module: Liquidity Planning

Liquidity Planning and Liquidity Analytics

Surrounding the forecasting with investment and borrowing data to make more informed liquidity decisions. The Liquidity Plan makes the cash forecast actionable, demonstrating the impact of investing, and borrowing decisions with real-time data insights. Kyriba modules: Liquidity Planning and Liquidity Analytics

The combination of these modules give treasury teams and finance leaders in treasury, FP&A, finance, procurement and accounting the platform they need to proactively manage the cash lifecycle end-to-end.

The Liquidity Planning module supports cash forecasting while the Liquidity Analytics module surrounds Liquidity Planning with data and insights to make data-driven liquidity decisions.

Optimizing Cash and Liquidity management Diagram to show the Kyriba liquidity management solution

Clear identification of target liquidity levels and flexibility in reporting:

Liquidity Analytics Graphic as part of the Kyriba Liquidity Management Solution
Liquidity Planning Timeline Graphic.

To learn more about Kyriba’s Liquidity Management Solution, request a demo today.