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2020 Strategic Treasurer Fintech Analyst Report: Treasury Aggregators (Bank Connectivity Solutions)

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In today’s ever-changing business environment, there are several key factors that are driving change across the treasury aggregation landscape.

The Treasury Aggregator Bank Connectivity Solutions Analyst Report covers the pain points driving this treasury technology, such as fraud, disparate and evolving payment formats, economic globalization, complexity, compliance, and staffing. The report also covers the various ways a treasury aggregator can address those pain points and support efficient and controlled operations. Additional topics include:

  • The role of a treasury aggregator within the larger treasury technology landscape
  • Factors affecting the future of aggregation
  • Best practices for selection, implementation, employee training, system integration, and bank onboarding

Read this ebook to equip yourself with the answers to your treasury technology questions as well as learn about bank connectivity> challenges and solutions.