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Elevate Your Forecasting Capabilities

Elevate Your Forecasting Capabilities

Mastering cash flow amidst market volatility and interest rate unpredictability is crucial. Uncertainty is unacceptable, yet according to a recent study, a staggering 98% of CFOs confess to struggling with poor cash visibility. It’s time for a transformation. Enter Kyriba’s groundbreaking forecasting solution, revolutionizing the way businesses navigate uncertainty.

Level Up Your Forecast

Kyriba offers visibility and empowers finance teams to turn forecasts into actionable insights. No more relying on outdated methods of siloed data and manual forecasting processes. Kyriba takes forecasting to the next level, making it data-driven and proactive.

With advanced AI capabilities, Kyriba enhances forecast accuracy and extends visibility further into the future. Kyriba’s advanced AI-driven platform revolutionizes liquidity forecasting by enabling proactive financial planning and providing insights into potential business changes and market shifts.

Achieve Tangible Benefits

Kyriba helps finance teams adapt swiftly to both challenges and opportunities. Kyriba client Varsity Brands, a global leader in academic apparel and memorabilia, is a great example of how companies experience remarkable improvements in both time savings and financial results through Kyriba. Varsity Brands demonstrates the tangible benefits organizations can achieve by  implementing Kyriba:

  • 239 hours monthly processing time saved
  • 100% cash visibility
  • 90% cash forecasting accuracy

Revolutionize Forecast Accuracy

The Kyriba solution provides forecast variance analysis, offering actionable feedback to continuously refine forecasting performance. Success in today’s volatile market belongs to those who can respond to changes with agility, and Kyriba equips finance teams with the tools to improve your forecast accuracy with flexible scenario modeling and forecast variance analysis. With Kyriba, you can forecast cash, liquidity, and exposures with greater accuracy and improved flexibility while eliminating manual processes and risk of error.

Key capabilities

  • Cash forecasting
  • Cash flow AI
  • Liquidity planning
  • FX exposure management

Accelerate Your Financial Success with Kyriba

Are you ready to unlock your performance and outperform the competition? Choose Kyriba to gain insights into the future, make proactive decisions, and drive your business forward. Request a demo today and embark on a journey towards financial mastery.