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Oracle Cloud Payments Integration Highlights Video

Oracle Cloud Payments Integration Highlights Video

Kyriba solution for Oracle Cloud Payments Integration simplifies Oracle Payments and multi-bank connectivity. The Kyriba Payments Network offers a centralized approach to payment activities that fully manages bank connectivity and supports more than 1,000 Oracle customers. This service provides superior fraud detection and visibility.

CIOs are increasingly encountering ERP project delays and cost overruns due to new compliance requirements, ISO20022 payment format variations, updated SWIFT gpi standards, and building to new bank APIs. Kyriba can assist in overcoming these challenges.

Kyriba offers pre-built bank connectivity, supporting over 45,000 payment scenarios for more than 1,000 banks. With its wide range of connectivity options, Kyriba can connect Oracle to any bank, in any format, in any country, while managing future connectivity and format changes and monitoring connectivity performance 24/7.

Fraudulent activities on payment workflows are becoming a threat to both company bottomline and reputation. Kyriba Payments Network digitizes payment workflows, standardizing payment controls to comply with internal payment policies and approval procedures. This end-to-end workflow approach ensures that only authorized payments are executed, while real-time fraud detection screens payments against government sanction lists, corporate payment policies, and historical data patterns to automatically quarantine suspicious and non-compliant payments for threat assessment.

Kyriba’s Payment Hub is designed to standardize digital payments transformation, broaden visibility, and streamline payment processing. With a user-driven interface and workflow for payments initiated outside of Oracle, along with smart payment building features, this service provides enhanced security and controls for manual payments. Digital audit trails and system documented controls ensure that all payment workflows are standardized with centralized visibility and control.

Key Capabilities:

  • Pre-built bank connectivity and bank format transformation, XML ISO 20022
  • Real-time fraud detection
  • On-demand sanction list screening
  • Payment acknowledgment, including daily bank statements
  • Business intelligence with independent data warehouse
  • Synchronized bank account signatory management
  • Payment routing

Bank Connectivity:

  • APIs and direct bank connections
  • SWIFT Alliance Lite2 and Service Bureau
  • Regional networks including EBICS, BACS and, EDITRAN
  • SWIFT gpi compliant Payments


  • Standardized payment controls
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure disaster recovery
  • Audit trails

Watch this video to find out more about.