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Treasury Management for Mortgage Industry

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Kyriba provides treasury management solution for mortgage industry to realize greater centralized cash visibility, real-time treasury reporting, improved audit results, and regulatory compliance and control.

Current Industry Challenges

Cash & Capacity
Finance & Treasury departments in the mortgage sector depend upon multiple banking relationships and data metrics in order to operate – those for warehouse capacity, warehouse cash, servicing lockboxes, escrow deposits, etc. This typically involves manually logging into multiple banking sites to gather reports, reconcile loan activity, compile a cash position and determine cash concentration.

Market Opportunities
Treasury and Capital Markets must be tactical partners in the organization and need to be prepared at all times to shift strategies and “pivot on a dime” as market opportunities or risks arise. This requires real time data that can be quickly analyzed, something that is lacking in a manual environment.

Loan Level Cash & Accounting
At any time, there are likely tens of thousands of loans to monitor, between funding, settlements and the servicing portfolio. Each of these loans have the potential of multiple different cash transactions – each transaction breaking down into multiple parts requiring separate journal entries.

Whether you are working against lock expirations, borrowers receiving keys for their new property, month-end timelines or bank cutoff times, there are multiple varying deadlines that need to be met on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These deadlines need to be integrated in order to successfully maintain adequate customer service levels while also minimizing unnecessary interest expense or banking fees.

The mortgage industry is highly regulated. Multiple audits can likely occur at a single time between warehouse renewals, investor due diligence, state audits and regulatory examinations. The ability to quickly reference archived data, authority levels, etc. is imperative in conducting an efficient audit.

How Kyriba Can Help

Kyriba’s treasury management solution empowers organizations in the mortgage industry, including several Fortune 500 companies, with the capabilities to optimize cash and liquidity, reduce operational regulatory risk, and streamline management reporting to capitalize on market opportunities.

Kyriba provides centralized, real-time visibility into cash, as well as detailed transactional activity across all bank relationships in a single, secure platform. This enables effortless cash positioning and concentration decisions, intraday and across any time horizon.

Streamlined Accounting Processes
Kyriba’s treasury management solution automates cash and loan-level accounting across many levels, simplifying generation of journal entries, while introducing structured, reportable audit and controls to the accounting process. This saves countless hours and offers a single source of record for accounting inquiry, as well as seamless journal posting into any underlying ERP/accounting platform.

Kyriba’s treasury management solution also offers standard controls and workflows concerning entitlement and authorizations, which are configurable based on internal customer policies and guidelines. Kyriba provides the ability to enforce, as well as fully report on, any modifications. Time stamps, transaction-level documentary attachment, and fully reportable audit trails enable the ability to reference current state as well as historical information.

Kyriba Analytics for KPI Reporting
Kyriba provides a fully integrated business intelligence solution to ensure on-demand, drill-around, data visualization to find meaningful insights within high data volumes, while delivering on KPI reporting needs.