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Transform Your Risk Management Strategy

Liquidity Planning

Step into the world of currency confidence with Kyriba: our comprehensive FX Risk management solution is your strategic ally in the ever-evolving global marketplace. Armed with timely, accurate and complete insights and customizable hedging tools, we empower you to navigate uncertainties and optimize your currency risk management programs with ease. Stay proactive, stay protected – rely on Kyriba to secure your financial future and confidently steer through changing times!

How To Optimize Your FX Risk Management Program

Your go-to podcast for mastering FX risk management! Tune in as we explore expert strategies and insights with Kyriba's own Andy Gage, SVP of FX Solutions and Advisory Services. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock your financial potential!

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Develop Leading FX Risk Management Programs Through Automation

Get ahead with our ebook on building a leading FX risk management program. Gain actionable insights and expert guidance to optimize your approach, mitigate risks, and boost financial performance.

Kyriba’s Quarterly Currency Impact Report

Explore industry-specific FX impacts and key currency trends: Download the April 2024 Kyriba Currency Impact Report Today.

Fact Sheet - Kyriba Balance Sheet Exposure Reporting

Kyriba Exposure Reporting is a cloud-based currency exposure management platform that enables treasury professionals to measure, monitor and manage currency exposure and the associated risk from their balance sheet.

Fact Sheet - FX Cash Flow Exposure Forecasting

FX Cash Flow enables finance and treasury professionals to create, analyze and manage accurate cash flow exposure forecasts.

Managing FX Risk In Complicated Market Conditions

Are you ready to navigate the complexities of FX risk in today's uncertain market conditions? With currencies fluctuating more unpredictable than ever against the backdrop of rising interest rates and geopolitical tensions, understanding how to protect and position your organisation for success is crucial. Gain essential strategies and tools for success in 2024's financial landscape.

100 Second Masterclass: Balance Sheet Hedging Best Practices

Any little flaw in your FX hedging program is going to get exposed. Balance sheet hedging is short-term in nature and allows for more adjustment and flexibility in your hedging program. Automating and making quick adjustments is going to help immensely in volatile times.

100 Second Master Class: Cash Flow Hedging Best Practices

Cash flow hedging is longer-term hedging. Derivatives from a year or two ago may just be impact your P&L today. But there are actions that treasury can take to drive more effectiveness in hedging programs, such as revisiting OCI timing and allocation assumptions.

BASF’s Creation of a Universal FX Program with Kyriba Risk

Discover how BASF created a universal FX program with Kyriba Risk. Learn how they optimized their foreign exchange processes and gained greater visibility and control over currency exposures.

BASF Universal FX Program
Revolutionize Your FX Risk Management: Take the Leap with Enhanced Strategies
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