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Kyriba Leading the Charge in Cloud TMS for Both Enterprises and Midmarket

By Kyriba

In the wake of escalating global uncertainties, businesses are constantly grappling with unknowns, making liquidity management a top priority. The recent IDC MarketScape Assessment of World-wide Saas and Cloud Treasury Management Software (TMS) Vendors for 2023 provides a compelling testament to the increasing significance of treasury software and the importance of selecting the right technology partners to embrace the full benefits.

In the report, IDC has recognized Kyriba as a SaaS and Cloud Treasury Management Software leader in both the enterprise and midmarket. This blog will delve into IDC’s opinion and shed light on why Kyriba emerged as a leader in the world of treasury and risk management systems and enterprise liquidity management.

Kyriba’s Stellar Recognition in IDC’s Assessment

IDC’s fundamental standpoint in the report is that in an era punctuated by conflicts, natural disasters, political unrest and economic volatility, enterprise-wide liquidity management emerges as a critical lifeline for businesses. A reliable treasury and risk management system is necessary to facilitate liquidity management and cash tracking, automate processes and enhance reporting and regulatory compliance.

Kyriba’s recognition as a leader isn’t merely a spot on IDC’s shortlist – it represents its role as a leader and exemplifies its dominion in the SaaS and cloud-enabled treasury and risk management domain. IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessment, with its stringent criteria ranging from software offering types to complex capabilities, forms a rigorous benchmark in the industry. Yet, Kyriba’s position is consistently at the top for both enterprises and midmarket.

Enterprise Prowess: Kyriba is not just another TMS. Its holistic solutions with futuristic infrastructure, and unmatched connectivity make it the go-to choice for large corporations. With AI-powered analytics, API-first approach and a curated app marketplace, it sets the gold standard for enterprise liquidity and risk management.

Midmarket Mastery: Recognizing the distinct needs of midmarket businesses, Kyriba tailors its solutions to match their agility and growth trajectories. With the dual challenge of optimizing resources and scaling rapidly, mid-sized firms find Kyriba’s offerings not only meeting their treasury needs today but also their possible requirements tomorrow.

Figure: IDC MarketScape Names Kyriba a Leader in Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-enabled Enterprise Treasury and Risk Management Applications 2023

Kyriba named a leader in IDC 2023 MarketScape for saas and cloud treasury management software

Delving into Kyriba’s Platform Superiority

At a closer look at the Kyriba platform, it becomes evident that Kyriba offers more than just another treasury and risk management system. Instead of merely presenting a checklist of features like many other vendors, our platform furnishes a comprehensive suite, encompassing everything from cash and liquidity management to risk management, payments, connectivity and working capital optimization.

Moreover, with an unwavering commitment to API-first infrastructure, AI-powered forecasting and actionable analytics, Kyriba provides a glimpse into the future of treasury transformation. This visionary approach guarantees that businesses are not just equipped to handle current demands, but are also prepared for evolving challenges.

Standing tall in the TMS landscape, Kyriba’s Connectivity-as-a-Service capability is truly unparalleled. Its seamless integration with major ERPs like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and Dynamics 365, combined with a network via both APIs and other protocols to over 1,000 global banks, cements a role as the linchpin of enterprise financial data and system integration.

Additionally, our curated App Marketplace offers businesses an increasing number of powerful, ready-to-use applications, guaranteeing platform extensibility and system compatibility. So far the Marketplace has already launched apps from many renowned partners such as Goldman Sachs Asset Management Mosaic, ICD Portal and Cachematrix™ by BlackRock.

Why Global Enterprises Consistently Choose Kyriba

In today’s complex ecosystem teeming with existing and new TMS vendors, Kyriba stands out and resonates deeply with global enterprises for a myriad of reasons.

Modern enterprises, more than ever, need a platform that is not only robust but also versatile. Kyriba answers this call by offering a system that excels not just in cash management but spans a broader spectrum of functionalities. This is further exemplified in its integration capabilities; ensuring modern businesses, which often operate on a web of diverse internal and external systems, experience seamless data and system communication.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at treasury management; it extends its prowess to encompass areas such as risk management, payments, working capital, and connectivity products, providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions.

What further sets us apart in the enterprise TMS market is adaptability. Kyriba’s 2,500 clients span over different industries and countries with individual IT complexity and treasury processes, yet our solutions can be precisely tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of each business.

Why Midmarket Companies Also Go for Kyriba

Midmarket businesses, especially fast-growing ones, need a reliable treasury and risk management system too. However, their needs are different from large enterprises, usually due to resource constraints. The objective of midmarket companies is often to perform “more with less” by ensuring data security, improving compliance, increasing operational speed and gaining valuable business insights. Understanding that mid-size firms differ vastly in their needs and challenges, Kyriba ensures its solutions are both adaptable and bespoke.

For mid-sized companies, Kyriba isn’t just treasury software; it’s a partner. The platform offers scalability as mid-sized firms expand. Whether entering new territories or acquiring new entities, Kyriba’s platform grows alongside them, ensuring treasury needs are always met.

As a future-ready solution, Kyriba anticipates challenges for mid-size companies too. Some of the best practices come from our vast client base in the enterprise sector. This ensures that our mid-sized clients are always a step ahead in their strategic planning and execution.

Kyriba’s Vision for Enterprise Liquidity Management

In a world where enterprise liquidity management is paramount, choosing the right vendor can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy. More than just a solution for today; Kyriba represents a forward-looking vision of pioneering the future of liquidity management. By actively integrating emerging technologies like AI and embedded data analytics and building the largest connected liquidity network, Kyriba continually refines its offerings, ensuring businesses have access to the most advanced solutions available in the market.

This commitment to innovation is paired with a deep understanding of client needs. Our true strength emerges from adaptability, allowing us to deliver precisely what businesses require. Such adaptability extends to our global footprint as well. Operating in over 100 countries and catering to an array of industries, Kyriba’s flexibility and breadth of solutions are unmatchable.

To sum it up, being acknowledged in IDC’s MarketScape isn’t just an honor for Kyriba; it stands as a testament to our exceptional offerings, progressive vision and unwavering dedication to client success. Dive deeper with the 2023 IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessment excerpt and learn why Kyriba was named a leader.