Kyriba Prepares You for Change

Kyriba recognizes that CFOs and treasurers in enterprises are facing a rapidly changing business environment, where market volatility, supply chain disruptions, payments fraud, rising interest rates, and counter-party risks are becoming increasingly common and pressing for real-time decision making. To help clients stay one step ahead of these changes, Kyriba provides a suite of solutions that enable companies to manage their cash, liquidity, risks, payments and connectivities on a single cloud-based SaaS platform.

Inflation is a major concern for every business today, as it erodes the value of cash and can lead to increased costs for goods and materials.  To help clients manage inflation risks, Kyriba provides advanced cash forecasting and scenario planning tools that enable companies to analyze their exposure to inflation and take proactive steps to mitigate it. Kyriba also offers real-time analytics and reporting capabilities that help CFOs and treasurers monitor and manage their cash flows and liquidity positions more effectively, enabling them to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Supply chain disruptions have become increasingly common in recent years, especially post the global covid pandemics, with unpredictable natural disasters, and geopolitical tensions. To help clients manage supply chain risks, Kyriba offers supply chain finance solutions that enable companies to optimize their working capital and improve their cash flow, while also mitigating risks associated with suppliers.

Payments fraud is another real threat for businesses of all sizes, with cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attack methods such as social engineering and deepfake. To help clients protect against payments fraud, Kyriba provides fraud detection and prevention tools including AI capabilities that enable companies to stop fraudulent transactions before they even reach the banks for payments execution. Kyriba also offers payment controls and compliance screening that enable companies to manage their payments and financial transactions with greater sense of security.

Rising interest rates and counter-party risks are additional challenges that CFOs and treasurers must handle on regular basis. To help clients manage these risks, Kyriba provides advanced risk and exposure management tools that enable companies to analyze their exposure to interest rate fluctuations and counter-party risks, and take proactive steps to mitigate them. Kyriba also offers comprehensive liquidity planning solutions that enable companies to manage their liquidity company-wide in order to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Want to learn more about Enterprise Liquidity Management?

You are welcome to join Kyriba’s upcoming monthly live demo sessions to get an overview of the Kyriba platform. Our treasury experts will show you how Kyriba can help your treasury and finance teams optimize corporate cash and working capital, manage financial risk, and ultimately prepare for the changes ahead. An on-demand demo session is available here.