Successful Communication Testing for Tessi Using EBICS on the Kyriba Platform

February 7, 2012

Paris, France – December 10, 2009 – Kyriba Corporation, a leading provider of on-demand cash and treasury management solutions, and Tessi, the B2B financial services firm, are pleased to announce the success of their EBICS tests.

Following Tessi’s planned termination of the X25 network, customers recommended that EBICS partner with SwiftNet for key bank and exchange protocol through the CFONB (French Committee for Banking Standards and Organization). EBICS can carry files with fixed and variable formats, and accompany, in particular, the widespread SEPA format (Single European Payments Area).

"The protocol’s ability to operate parts of the system cohesively with different implementations of EBICS used by publishers and banks is one of the major challenges that led to the overall success of the project. Kyriba has now conducted test campaigns with major service vendors and EBICS", Patrick Godet, Director Account Management Europe, Kyriba SEMEA, commented on the success of the integration.

The Kyriba solution, under the SaaS model (Software as a Service), can now transparently integrate new clients and transfer existing customers into ETEBAC contracts. Additionally, Kyriba can take charge of Key trades (INI / HIA / HPB) on behalf of the client.

"Kyriba gave Tessi the ability to run tests with EBICS, enabling us to use the same IP in our trade flows with these banks," says Agnes Bosdarros, Sales Manager, Tessi Computers.

Another strength of this campaign, besides exchanging certificates, were the intensive tests between Kyriba and Tessi that were used to process automatic segmentation. Large data files are divided into several blocks and encrypted when sending. This allows for faster and more efficient transport without compromising security. Once implemented, EBICS solutions are far more efficient for the exchange of large files. The results of the safety tests are significant particularly in relation to the ETEBAC3 reports that represent the most used transfer method.

"With the SWIFTNet Service Bureau and the compatible EBICS, Kyriba is already prepared to meet the expectations of its customers," concludes Patrick Godet.

About Tessi
Tessi’s specializes in business hosting, publishing and integration solutions, providing software solutions for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between banks and Enterprise, and is available under EDI secure Web standards for national and international banking. The universal communication platform proposed by Tessi provides integration protocols including ETEBAC, PeSIT, EdiWEB, Mail, FAX, and all new protocols and EBIC SwiftNet.

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