Treasury management: socializing (and Improving) through your TMS

June 17, 2013

Kyriba launches a crowd-sourced support platform for its TMS users.

All-cloud treasury-management system provider Kyriba has launched Kyriba Social, a social support platform for users of its treasury management services. By providing a platform for its users to exchange ideas, Kyriba is hoping to improve the user experience and improve the product itself.


Built on the Salesforce Service Cloud, Kyriba Social enables users to create and view support cases online, and to share and promote ideas and best-practice tips with fellow Kyriba users. The platform also provides updated client-specific system information, such as bank connectivity status, scheduled maintenance, new product and service pack releases, and other information. 


NeuGroup members who use Kyriba have praised its speedy updates and fixes made possible by the all-online system, so a social platform harnessing all of the client input in one place could prove especially relevant.


Kyriba is certainly on the leading edge of a social treasury trend. Bellin Treasury, the Austrian treasury management system (TMS) provider, has a similar offering called Bellin Backstage. Live about a year, users of its tm5 system can communicate with each other. Using this open source-style sharing means that if a Bellin a customer is looking for a bank partner in Chile, the user need only contact another Bellin customer (or two) in Chile to get suggestions. Currently Backstage connects and collects the knowledge of more than 15,000 users worldwide.


For its part, Kyriba has 30,000 users working for more than 700 clients worldwide. “Our huge resource pool means thatKyriba Social will be able to provide extremely deep resources, which we believe is the best in the industry,” Kyriba said in a statement.


In addition to the customer service aspect, Kyriba Social will also serve as a feedback tool where clients can contribute to the ongoing development of the product. Clients are able submit suggestions for new products and enhancements to current services, as well as comment and vote on existing suggestions. 


This article first appeared on on June 13, 2013.