Kyriba Academy

Kyriba Customers

Kyriba is committed to our customers' success. We offer an integrated approach, ensuring customers are provided with the best implementation, training and support resources available.

You Are Our Focus

At Kyriba, our clients are our first priority. We are constantly working to ensure you achieve your goals.

  • Kyriba is the leader in cloud treasury and finance, delivering cash and risk management, payments and working capital solutions.
  • Kyriba has customers across a broad range of industries and market segments. From midsize companies to Fortune 500 multinationals, our 2,500+ clients represent almost every sector.
  • As the treasury landscape evolves, Kyriba invests heavily in R&D and new product evolution; Our products grow and evolve as the industry shifts, along with your needs. With Kyriba, your organization stays ahead of the changes with leading practice functionality and technology.
Continuous Partnership
When you sign up with Kyriba, you gain a trusted partner for the long haul.


Planning and clear communication is key to any successful implementation. Kyriba offers a predictable, efficient transition to your new system with a Professional Services team dedicated to our customers' success. Kyriba gives you a clear roadmap for success from kick-off to post go-live support.


At Kyriba, we believe the best way to train our customers is with a personal, integrated approach. Kyriba empowers our customers to optimize their use of the Kyriba platform, drive faster results and work more efficiently.

Spot Consulting

Spot consulting engagements are tailored to company needs and are helpful for new users, when new banks are onboarded for reporting and payments, or when features or modules are released.

Ongoing Education

Treasury practitioners need to keep up with the latest trends. To aid in the continuing education of our customers, we offer ongoing training webinars designed to help users get more out of their Kyriba offerings.

Client Support

Kyriba client support is your source for any questions about the Kyriba Platform and solutions. Kyriba's robust support gives our customers extensive support and the flexibility to add more support as required. Kyriba is accessible through many channels and you will never feel out of touch with options for phone, email and the Kyriba Customer Support Portal.

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