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How to Select and Implement the Best Treasury Management System for Your Needs

January 16, 2018
Erik Bratt

While a majority of corporate treasuries still depend on spreadsheets to run their treasury related operations, more and more organizations are adopting treasury management systems (TMS).

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How Treasury Management Technology Can Fuel a More Progressive Finance Strategy

January 4, 2018
Michael Dinkins

As one experienced CFO to another, I think we can probably agree that there is an urgent need for progressive finance strategy. Companies are operating in a global business environment of growing complexity. Things have dramatically changed on the outside.

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Why Bitcoin Will Never be a Mainstream Currency

December 19, 2017
Bob Stark

Yes, bitcoin is real and it is a legitimate financial asset, much like any commodity. I use the word “commodity” because that’s what this particular cryptocurrency behaves like.

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Bots, Cryptocurrencies & Faster Payments: 2018 Treasury Predictions

December 13, 2017
Bob Stark

2018 is almost here! That means we are obligated to recap the past year and make deep, insightful predictions for 2018. While there is much to draw from, our predictions focus on the following:

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Why We Invested in Kyriba: 4 Questions with Sumeru’s Kyle Ryland

December 11, 2017
Erik Bratt
We believe Kyriba has the potential to become the software platform for managing the world’s $7+ trillion of corporate cash through the entire lifecycle of liquidity and risk management.
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Unlocking Capital through Supply Chain Finance Technology

December 7, 2017
Daniel Shaffer

Financing the supply chain is an age-old challenge for corporations, banks and suppliers, and the CFOs and treasury teams who manage procurement budgets.