Treasury Insights

Finance executive facing challenges

Why Shareholders Demand Accurate Cash Forecasting

June 21, 2018
Daniel Shaffer

Editor’s note: Kyriba recently hosted a highly attended webinar, “Why Treasurers Can No Longer Ignore Accurate Cash Forecasting,” with Treasury Consultant Elizabeth Ecsy from Accenture and VP of

The CFO Perspective

How to Strengthen Treasury’s Role as a Business Enabler

June 14, 2018
Erik Bratt

Editor’s Note: For this installment of our multi-part blog series, profiling CFOs who are leveraging treasury to drive strategic change in their organizations, we focus on Douglas Bettinger, CFO of Lam Research, a leading chip manufacturer.

Global corporate offices

Why Free Cash Flow is Becoming the Go-To Measurement for Corporate Financial Health

June 11, 2018
Erik Bratt

Editor’s Note: Free cash flow has always been an important business metric, but according to new research, it’s becoming the ‘go-to’ measurement of a company’s financial health and success.

crown world mobility productivity payments

Crown World Mobility Increases Payments Productivity Gains with Kyriba

June 7, 2018
Daniel Shaffer

Crown World Mobility, a leading global talent programs management company based in Hong Kong, collaborated with Kyriba to overhaul its outsourced expense payments and treasury solutions – resulting in major cost savings and productivity gains.

CTO treasury TMS evaluation

Four Key Questions a CTO Needs to Ask When Evaluating a New TMS

June 1, 2018
Nick Biasevich

The purchase of a new treasury management system (TMS) is a major technological investment for any organization. For this reason, chief technology officers (CTOs) and IT personnel often support treasury teams during the request for proposal (RFP) process for a new TMS.

TMS implementation

5 Tricks to Get the Most Value from Your TMS Implementation

May 30, 2018
Daniel Shaffer

A treasury management system (TMS) can bring numerous significant improvements to your treasury, such as automating manual processes, reducing fraud risk and elevating the strategic function of the team to optimize working capital.