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Finance Modernization with Enrique Calderon
This episode features an interview with Enrique Calderon, former Assistant Treasurer at Fluor. Enrique talks about what it was like adopting the Euro at a massive organization, how important it is to understand liquidity whether or not your company is flush with cash, and shares some valuable advice on getting promoted. Enrique has spent an impressive 45 years in Treasury. Prior to his 14 years as Assistant Treasurer at Fluor, Enrique spent 29 years working for AT&T or its divested companies.

Knowing Your Data, Culture and Network with Hamza Benamar, CFO of Kyriba
This episode features an interview with Hamza Benamar. Hamza discusses the importance of being attuned to the global market, how we’re coming closer to full digitization of payments, and how the pandemic is redefining talent acquisition as well as the workplace. Hamza has spent more than 20 years driving financial performance, 12 of which were spent internationally, in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


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